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1957 United States Proof Set


Item # 182999

Availability: Available For Order - Arriving 02/12/2016

Product Description
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  • Year Issue:   1957
  • Country Origin:   United States
  • Composition Type:   Mixed
  • Denomination:   Varies
  • Condition Type:   Proof
  • Purity:   Mixed
  • Coin Weight:   Various
  • Mint Name:   Philadelphia - P
  • Dimensions:   Various
  • Currency Type:   Dollar

Act now for this 1957 U.S. Proof Set in its original government packaging!

57 years ago, you might have been cruising down the main drag in your brand new Chevy Bel Air, as "All Shook Up" played on the AM radio.

If you weren’t old enough to drive, you might have been tossing around one of the very first Frisbees – or tuning in to a new CBS TV show called Leave it to Beaver.

But if you were already collecting coins back then, you would have been sure to check the mailbox to see if your new 1957 U.S. Proof Set had arrived!

Didn’t get one in '57? Here’s why you don’t want to pass up this classic set now:

Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, the U.S. Mint issued annual Proof Sets which contained immaculate, uncirculated proof versions of the five U.S. coin denominations of the day—three of them struck in 90% pure silver.

Each U.S. Proof Set contained a proof Jefferson Nickel and Lincoln Cent struck in base metal, along with a 90% silver Franklin Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, and Roosevelt Dime.

But there was more to these sets than just their silver content. Proof coins represent the best of the best. They are struck from highly-polished dies and display dramatic, mirror-like surfaces which make the coins’ designs come alive like nothing you could ever find in your pocket change, then or now!

To protect these gleaming proof coins, the Mint sealed each Proof Set in special clear pliofilm flat packs, which came in official U.S. Treasury Department manila envelopes.

Unfortunately, the glorious era of vintage U.S. Proof Sets ended in 1964. That year marked the very last Proof Set to feature proof versions of actual circulating silver coins. During the last 50 years since they were issued, a shocking number have been destroyed.

Why? Two reasons: melting pots and treasure hunters.

#1: America’s last Proof Sets with silver coins narrowly escape the melting pots

With rising silver costs and a serious coin shortage caused by hoarding in 1965, the government abruptly stopped striking any new silver coins for circulation, and it reduced the silver content of the hugely popular new Kennedy Silver Half Dollar from 90% to 40%. Of course, the immediate result of this act of Congress was to inspire all Americans to hoard even more of their silver coinage.

Fast forward a decade or two when rising silver prices took hold. In 1964, silver was worth around $1.25 per ounce. But in 1980, the silver market skyrocketed to nearly $50 an ounce, and the silver value alone for a single 1956–1964 U.S. Proof Set jumped nearly 4000%!

Faced with such a quick and easy payday, the owners of untold thousands of these sets sent them off to the melting pots to cash in. As recently as 2011, when silver prices once again rose to $45 an ounce, many thousands more sets were destroyed for their silver content.

As a result, only a fraction of the 1950s and 1960s Proof Sets originally released by the U.S. Mint still exist today.

#2: A treasure hunt for high grade coins
Many complete U.S. Proof Sets from those early years have vanished for another reason: their individual proof coins have been removed from their original government packaging!

It all started with the advent of professional coin grading in 1986. Since then, tens of thousands of collectors have embraced the value and peace of mind that comes from having their coins independently graded by a third-party service, such as Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Savvy collectors know that original packaging is an absolute must when collecting these sets. But the value of an individual Silver Proof coin contained within a 1956–1964 set can jump dramatically if it’s judged to be one of the higher grades. For example, a 1957 Franklin Half-Dollar graded NGC PF68 non-Cameo, Cameo or Ultra Cameo can command values of $175, $700 and $2,750 respectively.

Trouble is, even a highly trained expert must first cut the coin out of its original clear pliofilm packaging in order to examine the coin surfaces directly.

And while no one knows exactly how many sets remain sealed in their official government packaging, NGC and PCGS report that nearly a quarter of a million 1956–1964 Proof Sets have been removed from their original pliofilm sleeves in order to be graded!

The irony is that any Proof Set from the 50s or 60s may actually contain one or more high-value gems—but the only way to find out for sure is to destroy the official packaging that holds the set!

One of America’s classic Proof Sets can now be yours!

Of course, there’s no guarantee that any particular 1957 set contains one or more high grade coins. But as anyone who watches shows such as Antiques Roadshow knows: nothing beats an original! And now you can own a genuine 1957 U.S. Proof Set, still sealed in its original government pliofilm packaging just as it was released by the U.S. Mint 57 years ago.

Each set contains five coins— three of which are struck in 90% pure silver – and each coin has been meticulously proof struck for razor-sharp details and deeply mirrored backgrounds for the absolute pinnacle of the U.S. Mint’s artistry and craftsmanship!

We recently secured a sizeable number of 1957 Proof Sets virtually unheard of today – 754 in all!
With thousands of these sets being cut apart and/or melted every year, there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever be able to offer that many again in the future.

Don’t let the melting pots and treasure hunters rob you of the chance to own this 1957 classic! Order your set today!

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