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West Point Mint 75th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

Does history repeat itself? Of course!

That's why you must act NOW for this very special set! 

You may already be aware that the American Eagle is arguably the most popular silver coin in history. Begun in 1986, demand for this one ounce silver dollar hit a new all-time high last year, when 7,498,000 were sold in January alone.

Also earlier last year, the U.S. government pulled the two Silver Eagle coins honoring the 75th Anniversary of the West Point Mint off sale after just 30 days. This event creates a once-in-a-decade opportunity that you must not pass up. To understand why, you have to go back in history to 1995.

Thousands of collectors are building complete sets of Silver Eagles that year. So when the Treasury announced in 1995 a special "Proof" collector edition Silver Eagle to celebrate ten years of production by the West Point Mint, there was excitement—and howls of anger.

"Highway robbery!" screamed the market
The 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle was part of a set including gold American Eagles. When the cost was allocated to each coin, it turned out the Mint charged a whopping $200 for the "W" Proof Silver Eagle! Due to the high initial cost, most people didn't buy it. Yet today with 20-20 hindsight, history proves they made a costly mistake.

Just over 30,000 were issued, making the 1995-W the lowest mintage Silver Eagle "Key" coin to the entire series. What if you were fortunate to acquire some of them graded perfect 70 (SP/PF70) or near-perfect 69 (SP/PF69) by independent grading service Numismatic Guarantee Corp (NGC)? Today you'd be sitting on coins which have recently sold for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars! That's how much difference a low mintage makes in the value of a Silver Eagle.

2013: Twice the opportunity of 1995
Now you know why we jumped to attention when the Mint announced the release on May 9th of something special. For the 75th anniversary of the West Point Mint, it would create not just one, but a pair of two exclusive "W" mintmark Silver Eagles.

The first coin in the new set is a Proof, like the 1995-W coin was. However, it is totally different. The 1995 Proof has the normal frosted design, with a background polished to a brilliant mirror finish. This new 2013-W Proof is the exact opposite, with a highly polished design against a fully frosted background—a "Reverse Proof"! Trust us when we say our photos here don't do it justice—it's spectacular.

The second Silver Eagle is Uncirculated with a "triple finish" never before seen in the entire history of American coins. The majority of the coin is heavily frosted, while certain key elements get a lightly frosted or polished finish. The stripes in the American flag, the shield on the heraldic eagle and other elements get this painstaking treatment. It is unique and a "must have" for every collector.

Gone in 30 days
The government pulled this set off sale after just 30 days. The Mint reports gross orders of about 281,000 sets. However, about 45,000 sets ended up being canceled which put net orders around 236,000 sets. This is crucial to their value.

Even at the 281,000 gross sales figure, the 2013-W Proof would become the fifth lowest mintage Proof Silver Eagle in the entire series. Even better, the 2013-W Uncirculated would become the second lowest mintage Uncirculated Silver Eagle in the entire series!

High quality + low mintage = $$$$
Needless to say, we've been scrambling to get sets for our clients. But we don't want just any 2013-W Silver Eagles. We want only those coins graded perfect 70 or near-perfect 69 by NGC - the two highest grades any modern coin can ever achieve!

History teaches that the higher the grade, the more valued the coin becomes in the collector market. Unfortunately, nobody knows how many of these two-coin sets will make the ultimate top two grades. What if one coin grades perfect or near-perfect, but the other falls short?

So far, the number of complete 2-coin sets of 2013-W perfect SP/PF70 and near-perfect SP/PF69 Silver Eagles we have acquired is disappointing. But we cannot begin to fill orders for more than a fraction of those reading this.

The 2013-W Silver Eagle set has a staggering number of value drivers going for it.

  • First "triple finish" silver dollar in history
  • First "reverse proof" from West Point Mint
  • Fifth lowest mintage proof
  • Second lowest mintage uncirculated
  • Each coin one ounce .999 silver
  • Independently graded Gem 70 or Gem 69 by NGC

Order now to avoid a sell-out!
Thirteen years ago the 1995-W Silver Eagle cost $200, without third party grading. Your cost for just the grading alone of these two new 2013-W Silver Eagles by NGC would be $40. Yet if you act today, you can own the complete two-coin set with NGC certification for as low as $199.95!

For about the same cost as taking your family or friends out to dinner at a good restaurant, why not build a legacy of lasting value for yourself, your family and loved ones? Put a set away for each of them – they'll be glad you did. Get an even better deal by ordering several!

2013 West Point 75th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set
LIMIT: 5 Sets per customer!

  • 2013-W 1 Dollar 1-oz Silver Eagle NGC SP/PR69 2 Piece Set

    2013-W 1 Dollar 1-oz Silver Eagle NGC SP/PR69 2 Piece Set

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    • Certified & Graded by NGC in SP69/PF69 condition
    • Both coins feature the West Point "W" mintmark on the reverse
    • Each coin struck in one Troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver
    • Includes FIRST EVER "Enhanced Finish" Silver Eagle
    • Set struck to honor the 75th Anniversary of the West Point Mint

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