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Panda Fall 2014

What is a Mint-Certified First Strike?

The China Panda series is one of the most popular coin series in history. Since 1982, the renowned China Mint has issued millions of stunning Gold and Silver Panda coins to collectors worldwide. But beginning in 2010, the China Mint began adding a special elite pedigree to a select few Gold and Silver Pandas. Called "First Strikes", these specially-pedigreed coins represent the absolute pinnacle of beauty, minting excellence, and collector passion.

Very few mints in the world issue official First Strike certification for their coins. When the award-winning China Mint began this prestigious practice, collectors across the globe cheered. By seeking out only those Gold and Silver Pandas which feature the mint-authorized First Strike pedigree, collectors are assured of owning some of the most exclusive, limited, and masterfully struck Pandas in the entire thirty-one year program.

All mint-authorized First Strike China Pandas share the same outstanding hallmarks-hallmarks which cannot be found among the rest of the Panda mintages.

What are the Hallmarks of Mint-Certified First Strikes?

  • Verified by an official mint letter of authenticity.
    The Managing Director of the China Mint issues a letter addressed directly to the collector with each First Strike Gold and Silver Panda. Owners of mint-authorized First Strikes receive this letter with their coins, creating an important legacy for their collections.
  • Mint certification received by PCGS and sealed
    forever in archival holders. Each mint-authorized First Strike Panda gets submitted to Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). This highly respected third-party grading service verifies the mint authorization, authenticates the coin as genuine, grades each coin on the established 70-point grading scale, and then sonically seals the coin in an archival acrylic holder. This provides a permanent guarantee of the coin's authenticity, First-Strike pedigree, and grade.
  • First Strikes represent an elite few of the entire mintage.
    Only a tiny fraction of the total mintage of Gold and Silver Panda coins are awarded the First Strike pedigree. How few? Only 2% of the mintage of the Tenth-Ounce Gold Panda—and a mere .2% (2/10's of one percent) of the mintage of all the other 2013 Gold Pandas. Only .6% (6/10's of one percent) of the One Ounce Silver Pandas bear the First Strike pedigree.
  • We are the exclusive distributors for mint-authorized First Strike Pandas.
    No one else has access to these top-of-the-line elite First Strike coins, either within China or the rest of the world. By securing your coins through us, you can rest assured that you are getting access to the finest quality and most exclusive of all the 2013 China Gold and Silver Pandas issued by China.
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