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1949-1954 50 Cent Franklin S-Mint 5 Pieces Set

1949-1954 50 Cent Franklin S-Mint 5 Pieces Set

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  • Year Issue:   1954
  • Country Origin:   United States
  • Composition Type:   Silver
  • Denomination:   0.50
  • Grade Type:   F
  • Condition Type:   Circulated
  • Purity:   0.8960
  • Coin Weight:   12.5 Grams - g
  • Mint Name:   San Francisco - S
  • Dimensions:   30.6 MM
  • Currency Type:   Dollar

Get One of Every San Francisco Mint Franklin Half Dollars Ever Struck!

Long before the Franklin Half Dollar series was cut short by the assassination of JFK in 1963, the San Francisco Mint stopped striking them. The first S-Mint Franklin was struck in 1949, and the last in 1954, making a complete collection only five coins (none were struck in 1950). Today, nearly fifty years after they were last minted, these big 90% silver Franklins are hard to find. Why? Well, there weren't very many minted to start with. In fact, San Francisco struck barely 7% of all the Franklins minted! And an even worse fate awaited them. In the 1960s, silver prices skyrocketed, and the hefty amount of silver in these S-Mint Franklins made them a prime target for meltdowns. Through a diligent effort, we've assembled a small number of complete S-Mint Franklin sets from the "Granite Lady." Each coin is in at least Fine condition. Your set comes in a deluxe presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. Don't miss out-not only will you have this scarce collection, you'll save big off what the coins sell for individually.

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