Perth Mint Coins


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Items 1 to 24 of 232 total

Like the San Francisco Mint in the United States, the Perth Mint in Australia owes its existence to a Gold Rush. It was 1899, and the amount of gold coming out of Western Australia was so large that Britain’s Royal Mint established the mint in Perth to refine the gold and strike it into Gold Half Sovereigns and Full Sovereigns.

In 1931 Great Britain went off the gold standard and Perth switched to striking other coins and refining gold.

In 1986 the Perth Mint struck it’s first modern gold coin, the Gold Nugget Proof. Since then it has produced a continuous stream of award-winning coins like the Silver Kangaroo, Silver Koala and the Gold Koala. Its reputation for innovation and producing coins of superior quality is unsurpassed.

Perth’s particular area of expertise is the production of coins in High Relief. The High Relief Kangaroos and Koalas are two of the most spectacular coins ever minted.