Pobjoy Mint Coins


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Items 1 to 24 of 49 total

The Pobjoy Mint strikes coins for over forty countries around the world. The mint’s expertise dates all the way back to the Middle Ages when its predecessors were
intricately involved in metalwork.

The mint’s production of coins for the Isle of Man has resulted in the revival of traditional age-old British precious metal coinage. The British Gold Angel was first minted over 600 years ago, and since 1984 has been struck in gold, silver, platinum and bimetallic issues. The British Gold and Silver Nobles, featuring a Viking long boat, celebrate the fierce Viking heritage of the Isle of Man. They were first issued in 1994.

The mint has captured a plethora of awards for its outstanding work. Its first Coin of the Year award was won in 1984 for the Gold Angel. Pobjoy has carried away fourteen Coin of the Year awards to date, an unprecedented number. The mint strikes proof coins four times to achieve the sharpest possible impression, then microscopically examines each for imperfections and carefully encapsulates them to preserve their superb quality.