Royal Canadian Mint


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Canada’s first coins were struck in 1858 at the Royal Mint in London. It wasn’t until 50 years later that Canada had its own mint. The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Mint opened in 1908. In 1931 the mint negotiated its independence from the Royal Mint and became the Royal Canadian Mint.

Over the early years the mint produced coins for circulation, but not many commemorative coins. In 1967 Canada celebrated its 100th anniversary, and that year all the circulating coins were minted with commemorative designs.

Since then the mint has been on the cutting edge of commemorative coin design and production. Its issues for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games were the first-ever Olympic Games coins to incorporate a hologram into the design.

Today the mint produces a wide variety of gold and silver issues, including coins with genuine gemstones embedded into their surfaces, Lunar Series commemoratives, and, of course, their highly prized Silver and Gold Maple Leaf issues.