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Coins have been minted in England since the second century B.C. Britain's Royal Mint started striking coins 1,100 years ago. By 1279 it moved to the famous Tower of London, where it remained for 500 years, just a stone's throw from where Henry VIII's wives lost their heads! You can still visit the mint's historic site within the walls of the Tower of London, although the Royal Mint's current state of the art minting facility is now located in Wales, a few hours' drive from its original London home.

In the early 19th century The Royal Mint began striking one of the most famous coins in history: the Gold Sovereign, featuring St. George slaying the dragon. For nearly 200 years British Gold Sovereigns have been the world standard gold coin. They're still minted today using the original masterpiece design, often struck in spectacular deeply mirrored proof condition.

In 1987, the mint began striking its popular Gold Britannia series, with the Silver Britannia series beginning a decade later. Today, the variety of designs and impressive artistry of Gold and Silver Britannia coins make them a worldwide collector favorite.

When London hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 2012, the Royal Mint wrote a new and exciting page into its history book with a series of coins celebrating the Olympic Games Spirit, as well as the Heart, Mind, and Soul of Great Britain. These London 2012 Olympic Games coins are now forever etched into numismatic history.

As official legal tender of the British Commonwealth, all the coins struck by the Royal Mint feature the effigy of the reigning monarch. Furthermore, all new coin designs must be reviewed and approved by Buckingham Palace before they can be produced by the mint. In addition to striking coins for Great Britain and the Commonwealth, the Royal Mint also strikes circulation and collector coins for a wide variety of countries around the world. has been an official distributor for the Royal Mint since the 1990's, and we continue to pride ourselves on securing Great Britain's absolute top quality coins and making them available to our customers. A number of Royal Mint editions are exclusive to—ensuring your place at the head of the line for Britain's finest coins. The coins of Britain's Royal Mint: fit for a King, but available for you today!