1862 $1 Central Bank of Virginia Recycled Note VF

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Civil War-Era Double-Sided Currency Note

As the unrest that would become known as the American Civil War gained momentum, the Central Bank of Virginia struck a series of five-dollar notes for circulation. Printed on just one side, each was decorated with an attractive vignette and red and black ink. However, due to the turmoil of the time, the notes were never issued. At least, not until 1862 – the second year of the war – when the bank decided to issue one-dollar notes.

There was just one problem, however: a massive shortage in paper. To solve the problem, the bank authorized the printer to gather up the previously unused $5 notes and p simply flip them over and print the new $1 notes on the other side in blue ink! The two sides are a marked contrast with the ornate design of the $5 notes combined with the subdued and simpler design on the $1 side.

When we learned of these notes’ existence, we had to snatch them up for our customers. We managed to secure a total of 49 notes – a relatively small number that’s likely to sell out fast. This fascinating historical oddity is sure to be a standout piece in any currency or Civil War collection. Plus, each comes in nice Very Fine (VF) condition ready to be proudly displayed in your collection or the collection of any Civil War buff you know. Get yours now!

Year of Issue 1862
Country United States
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
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