10-oz Silver Bullet – .50 Caliber Round Replica

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Werewolves – and Terrorists – Beware!

There are many ways to add shining 99.9% fine silver to your collection, but there’s only one way to do it that will make the local werewolves stay in line – silver bullets! Now you can add some real firepower to your silver stacks with this non-firing collectible modeled after .50 caliber bullets, one of the most lethal bullets in the world today.

Offering a devastating combination of range and power, the .50 Cal was primarily used in M2 Browning Machine Guns (BMG) during world War II for anti-aircraft purposes. Today, it’s a favorite used by the world’s top snipers. In May 2019, a Canadian sniper took out an IS militant using a .50 Cal bullet from a distance of nearly 2.2 miles – the longest shot on record. The supersonic bullet took 10 seconds to reach its target, traveled at 792 miles per hour, and left a vapor trail. To pull off the feat, the sniper had to take into account the curve of the earth, wind, and account for the drop from firing from an elevated position.

Struck in ten full ounces of highly-pure 99.9% silver, each .50 Caliber Round has been carefully struck to mimic the stunning appearance of fresh steel-cased bullets Just one look at these bullets and you can get a sense of realism that conveys a simple message: This baby means business! Plus, each silver bullet will come shipped in its original mint packaging consisting of a display box with a cut foam insert and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

This non-firing Ten-Ounce Silver Bullet .50 Caliber Round Replica is fun way for anyone looking to add some silver to their collection to load up. It’s also the perfect gift for any firearm (or werewolf) enthusiast you know. Take aim and secure one – or several – today!

Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Coin Weight 311.03 Grams -g
Weight 10 Ounces - oz