100 BC Alexander Janeaus Widow's Mite

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The Fabled "Widow's Mite" -- Jannaeus Leptons from the Time of Jesus!

This bronze Lepton, also known as a "Mite," was struck by Alexander Jannaeus, King of Judea between 103 and 76 BC, and was in circulation in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. The smallest denomination coin of its time, the Lepton's obverse shows the blooming lotus scepter of ancient Egypt while the reverse shows a star of eight rays.

If this all sounds familiar, you might remember the role this coin in one of Jesus's parables, the "Lesson of the Widow's Mite," as told in both the Gospels of Mark and Luke. Through his story of the widow's donation of two Lepta, Jesus teaches that proportion and intent define the worth of charity in the eyes of God, not the size of the gift or the abundance of its source.

Now you can secure an example of this legendary Biblical coin for your collection. Each comes in a vinyl folder along with a storycard and certificate of authenticity. Bring this historic find to your home today!

Country Judea
Composition Bronze
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