100 Milligram 24kt Gold Trump Foil Note

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It’s MAGA Time! Add the Gold Foil Trump Note to Your Collection!

We’re sure you’re probably familiar with the $100 bill featuring Founding Father Benjamin Franklin; but now there’s a new C-Note in town, and he’s ready to Make America Great Again!

Struck in the United States using 100 milligrams (1/10th gram) of highly pure 24-karat gold, this ultra-thin foil note features the portrait of none other than Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. The note has all the earmarks of a regular $100 bill including intricate engravings, seals, and the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and ‘ONE HUNDRED” positioned below the full-color portrait of President Trump.

These wafer-thin notes are sandwiched between thin layers of protective polyester. Actually, the word “thin” doesn’t even begin to describe the gold foil. These notes are only 404 nanometers (nm) thick. Just how thin is a nanometer? It’s equal to one billionth of a meter making these gold foil notes approximately as thick as 1% of the width of a human hair!

While this note is not legal tender, it IS a great way to own a verifiable unit of gold at an affordable price. Your Gold President Trump Foil Note will come displayed in an archival quality currency sleeve. Perfect for any Trump supporter, it makes a perfect gift especially now as the 2020 Presidential Election season heats up. Click one—or several—to your cart today!

Year of Issue 2020
Country United States
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9990
Condition Uncirculated, Proof
Mint Name U.S. Mint
Coin Weight 0.1 Grams - g