1360-1369 Great Britain Gold Noble Edward III XF

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1360-1369 Gold Nobles -- The First Widely-Used British Gold Coins

Before the Sovereign, there were Gold Nobles -- coins struck with the image of King Edward III sailing his kingdom with sword and shield in hand. These particular Nobles, struck between 1360 and 1369, were struck following the Treaty of Bretigny in a time known as the Treaty Period. During this time, Edward removed his claim to the throne of France on his gold coinage, instead striking them with "Edward by the Grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland and Aquitaine."

Around 650 years old, these Edward II Nobles were the first widely-used gold coins struck in the British Isles. Common people would rarely see them, however -- while their value was about a day’s wages for a nobleman, Earl or Bishop, it represented a month’s wages for everyone else!

Add it to your collection now in Extremely Fine (XF) condition. The date of your Gold Noble will vary.

Country Great Britain
Composition Gold
Coin Weight 7.3 Grams - g
Dimensions 32mm
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