13th Century Great Britain 4 Pence Silver Groat Henry VIII VF

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A Hammer-Struck Silver Groat from the Reign of Henry VIII!

Introduced during the reign of Edward I, the silver four-pence groat was created to meet the inflationary need for a large non-gold denomination. They represented about a day’s wage for an average worker in the 13th century, and had a ragged appearance due to the minting technique used in their creation. As a hammered coin, each was created by placing a flat piece of silver between two dies, then striking the top die with a hammer.

On the obverse is one of two portraits of Henry VIII, famous for his six wives and for splitting the Church of England from Rome. One shows a head-on portrait, while the other features the king in profile. The reverse features the Royal Arms below a large cross. Besides its religious significance, this cross also served as a guide for splitting the coin into quarters, each worth a single penny.

Order this incredible piece of world history now in Extremely Fine (XF) condition!

Country Great Britain, Ireland
Composition Silver
Coin Weight 2.5 Grams - g
Dimensions 26mm
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