1556-1743 Spain Princess Louisa Shipwreck Silver Reales 2-piece Set NGC Genuine - Salvor’s Reserve Hoard

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When You’re the One Recovering the Coins, You Keep the Best for Yourself

In 1743, the Princess Louisa – a three-masted, two-decker merchant vessel—sank off the coast of the Cape Verde Islands with 20 chests filled with nearly 70,000 ounces of Spanish silver coinage on board. Recovered more than 225 years later, the coins quickly disappeared into private collections – but the Chief Salvor kept some of the very best for himself. Now, 20 years after most of the coins from this shipwreck were sold away into the market, the special Salvor’s Reserve Collection is finally available!

These shockingly affordable silver Reales come dated between 1556 and 1743. In this offer, you will receive a two-piece set that includes 4 and 8 Reales coins. Plus, each coin has been authenticated by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as “Genuine” and certified as being part of the Princess Louisa Salvor’s Reserve Hoard!

Putting a set of these coins together dated between 1556 and 1743 is already a difficult enough task without the Shipwreck pedigree from NGC, but every coin presented here in this offer has that pedigree! Hurry and secure these genuine pieces of sunken treasure now – with fewer than 50 sets available, our limited supply is about to disappear into the sunset! Dates will vary.

  • COINS FROM A PRIVATE HOARD – Not only are these coins from the famous Princess Louisa Shipwreck, but they are coins of better quality that were set aside during their recovery and conservation phase by the chief salvor for his own private hoard. The Princess Louisa sank in 1743 along with 20 chests of Spanish Reales. The shipwreck was located in 1996 and the first salvage operations began in 1998 with the final coins being recovered in 1999. These pieces are the “best of the best” from one of the world’s most famous treasure ships.
  • AUTHENTIC SHIPWRECK COINS CERTIFIED AND PEDIGREED BY NGC – Each coin in this Princess Louisa Shipwreck Salvor’s Reserve Collection has been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as being an authentic coin from the famous Princess Louisa Shipwreck and has been sonically sealed in an acrylic coin holder that includes an exclusive merchant ship label.
  • CENTURIES-OLD SHIELD TYPE “COBS” STRUCK BY HAND IN FINE SILVER – These coins are silver shield type “cobs” struck from 1556 to 1743. Each features a Shield design and was struck by hand so no two coins are exactly alike. A cob was a coin cut from a silver bar and then quickly stamped and clipped by the minter so that it was about the same uniform weight as other similar cobs cut from the same bar. These coins were intended to be melted down to make regular circulating coinage. Coins like these often circulated in the New World where they were hoarded due to the lack of circulating English coins. Each is struck in about 93.06% fine silver.

Get the best of the best of the Princess Louisa Shipwreck with this two-piece set of Princess Louisa Shipwreck Spanish Silver Reales from the Salvor’s Reserve – add it to your cart!

Country Spain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9306 
Condition Graded, Shipwreck
Grade Genuine
Denomination Varies
Currency Type Reales
Coin Weight 31.07 Grams - g
Dimensions Various