1694-1713 Columbia 2 Escudo 1715 Plate Fleet NGC AU58

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Marking the 300th Anniversary of the Plate Fleet Wreck in 1715

In July of 1715, a fleet of twelve Spanish ships set sail from Havana, Cuba to bring treasures of the New World back to Spain. In the early morning hours of July 31, the ships were surprised by a powerful hurricane that sank all but one of them. Some of the men on the wrecked ships survived on lifeboats, but approximately a thousand lives were lost on that fateful day. The wreck took place off of what is today Vero Beach. This coin, which has been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation as having been recovered from the wreck, gives you the chance to own a piece of Spanish history.

  • REVEALING HISTORIC DESIGNS– The obverse features the legend and date around crossed arms, while the reverse bears lions and castles, symbols of the Spanish monarchy, in the angles of a cross.
  • LEGAL TENDER 2 ESCUDOS- This coin was struck for circulation in Bogota, Columbia.
  • REMARKABLY WELL PRESERVED– This coin is extremely well preserved for having sat at the bottom of the ocean for over 250 years. In fact, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation graded it Almost Uncirculated 58, which means that it retains full details and has slight wear only on the highest points.
  • A PIECE OF HISTORY – Early Spanish attempts to salvage what was lost were largely unsuccessful due to the large area over which the wreckage was spread, which means that you have a chance to own a coin that sat in the ocean for centuries.

Shipwreck coins offer unique histories, and each shipwreck has a different story to tell. This coin is no different. In fact, uniquely, it bears stories from three continents – Europe, South America, and North America. Now it can be your story to tell. Of course, you will not be the only collector to be mesmerized by this fascinating piece, so add it to your collection today before your chances of doing so, like most of the Plate Fleet, are sunk.

Composition Gold
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