1775-1783 Spain 8 Reales Revolutionary War VG-F

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America's First Silver Dollar

Many Americans do not know that the first U.S. Silver Dollar was not made until 1794, and before then our Founding Fathers had no actual U.S. coins in their pockets. Instead, they carried Spanish 8 Reales Silver Dollars, which had been in wide use for generations. This coin was the largest denomination of the Spanish silver coins circulating during the colonial era. These "Piece of Eight" coins are commonly regarded as America's first Silver Dollar. Thomas Jefferson even recommended that our new country adopt the silver Spanish milled dollar as our monetary unit of value-and it was! Each coin is over 200 years old and in Very Good to Fine (VG-F) condition; yours will come struck in Spain between 1775-1783. Don't wait to own this amazing piece of American history. Dates vary.

Year of Issue 1783, 1782, 1781, 1780, 1779, 1778, 1777, 1776, 1775
Country Spain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9030
Currency Type Reale
Coin Weight 27.07 Grams - g
Dimensions 39.5mm