1775-1791 France Silver Ecu of Louis XVI D'or NGC Genuine

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Quick—Get This King Into Your Collection Before Someone Lops His Head Off!
King Louis XVI of France was famously beheaded during the French Revolution. And while former rulers often have coinage bearing their likeness rounded up and destroyed in order for the new leaders to secure power, these 1 Ecu coins have somehow managed to survive for hundreds of years!

We acquired a small “hoard” of these 91.7% silver Ecus from a private collector who spent over 20 years hunting them down. 250 were found in all, with less than 1% being duplicates. It was an incredible find! And now we want to pass them on to you.

Unlike modern coinage, which often features a mint mark indicating where a coin was struck, these French coins feature 2-3 privy marks representing those responsible for the coin’s creation—the Engraver General, and the engraver who made that specific die. Secure this historic coin now certified Genuine by NGC! Date varies between 1775 and 1791.

Year of Issue 1788, 1787, 1786, 1785, 1784, 1783, 1782, 1781, 1780, 1779, 1778, 1777, 1776, 1775
Country France
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9170
Coin Weight 29 Grams - g
Dimensions 38mm, 39mm, 40mm