1776 Continental Fugio Benjamin Franklin 4-Note Fine Currency Set

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1776 Fractional Currency Notes Designed by Benjamin Franklin


In 1776, our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. A new nation was being born, and it was going to need its own money. Who better to design the notes than statesman, postmaster, inventor and Renaissance man Benjamin Franklin?


Here we’ve collected something incredibly special—a four-note set of Continental Currency Notes whose design and motto owe their existence to Franklin. And in true Franklin style, the denominations seem highly experimental—you’ll receive a $1/6 note, a $1/3 note, a half-dollar note and a $2/3 note. And you thought a $2 note was weird!


Each note was printed in 1776 on authority of the Continental Congress. A total of four million notes were authorized, with one million being these fractional notes.


The front of the note features a sundial with the Latin word “Fugio” meaning “I flee” or “I fly,” and “Mind Your Business.” Essentially, Franklin is suggesting you get on with your business, as time flies! The back of the notes displays 13 interlinked rings, each featuring the name of one of the colonies, along with the words “We Are One,” and “American Congress.” Each also features a hand-signed signature, meaning you’ll be receiving the autograph of someone involved in our independence from Great Britain!


Still in Fine condition, these 1776 notes are a national treasure any patriot would be proud to own. Secure this set for your collection today.


  • CURRENCY NOTES DESIGNED BY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN – These fractional currency notes are historic pieces of America’s Revolutionary War era. Designed by Benjamin Franklin, each note includes a sundial and the legend “Mind Your Business” and the first use of the word FUGIO, which is Latin for “I flee/Fly.” paired with the sundial, the meaning was that time flies so be about your business. The same design was used for the Continental Currency coin issued a few months later, and much later for the 1787 one cent Fugio coin. The notes also have the motto “We Are One” in English surrounded by 13 chain links representing the 13 original colonial states. In 1789, the motto was changed to the Latin phrase “E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one) from the Great Seal of the United States.


  • KEY 1776 DATE – These notes were issued and circulated in 1776, the year the United States of America declared its independence from Great Britain. The Continental Congress authorized issuing a total of $4 million of currency in 1776 with about $1 million in these fractional Fugio notes.


  • EACH NOTE IS SIGNED BY COLONIAL OFFICIAL – Each note in this four-piece set was personally hand-signed by an authorized official, usually someone who had some involvement in the Revolutionary War.


  • LEGAL-TENDER CURRENCY NOTES – These notes are each legal-tender fractional notes. The denominations are $1/6, $1/3, $1/2, and $2/3. The dots in the corner on the front reflect the denomination, with one dot designating a sixth of a dollar, two dots for a third, three dots for $1/2 and four dots for $2/3.


  • GRADED IN REMARKABLE FINE CONDITION – Each note in your 1776 Continental Fugio Benjamin Franklin Four-Note Currency Set comes in Fine (F) condition, a truly remarkable grade considering each note is more than 240 years old and were carried in pockets, purses and saddlebags and saw heavy circulation during the American Revolution.


Designed by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, the The 1776 Continental Fugio Benjamin Franklin Four-Note Currency Set is the first paper currency ever issued by the United States of America. They will look great in your personal collection!


Year of Issue 1776
Country United States
Composition Paper
Grade F
Denomination Varies
Currency Type Dollar