1789-1797 Spain 8 Reales Silver Fine George Washington

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A Coin George Washington May Have Carried in his Pocket – the 1789-1797 Spanish Silver 8 Reales


Well before the United States struck its own coinage in mass quantities, the Spanish 8 Silver Reales coin was effectively considered to be America's first silver dollar. As one of the most commonly used coins of the post-Revolutionary era, it helped fuel the early years of a new nation – whether to buy goods and services to assist homesteading families or aid in the payment to soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War. This coin maintained its popularity well into the 1850s, forming the backbone of the economy as trade and commerce exploded across the country.


After being granted legal tender status by the Second Continental Congress in 1776, a status which was reinforced by the Coinage Act of 1793, these coins remained in circulation until 1857. Adding to these coins’ collectability is the fact they are dated between 1789 and 1797, the years George Washington was the first president of the United States! Your coin will come in Fine condition. Date our choice.


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  • AMERICA’S FIRST COINAGE – USED BY AMERICA’S FIRST PRESIDENT – George Washington is perhaps the best-known American president. His leadership helped ensure the victory of colonist forces over Great Britain in the Revolutionary War, and then he stepped up to take the reins as the first President of the fledgling United States of America. You’ll be able to feel the history of this coin once you hold it in your hand, struck in 90.2% fine silver and measuring an impressive 37 mm in diameter.


  • A COIN TO LAUNCH A NEW COUNTRY -- The Spanish 1789-1797 Silver 8 Reales coin would have been instantly recognizable to colonists, and remains equally notable today. The obverse of your coin features the armored bust of Charles IV of Spain, facing right. Also on the obverse are the words "CAROLUS IIII" and "DEI GRATIA" (Charles IV, by the Grace of God), as well as the date of your coin. On the reverse, representing the promontories that defined the Strait of Gibraltar, the Pillars of Hercules are displayed flanking the crowned arms of Castile and Leon. These pillars are adorned with a banner reading "Plus Ultra," which is Latin for "further beyond", a symbol of Spain's global exploration. Also on the reverse are the inscriptions "HISPAN ET IND REX" (an abbreviation for King of the Spain and Indies) and the denomination of "8R" for 8 Reales.


  • REMARKABLY FINE CONDITION FOR A COIN OF THIS AGE – Despite the fact that these coins were circulated heavily, your coin has been given the grade of Fine, ensuring discernible imagery and readable dates. You’ll be able to easily imagine this coin in the pockets of some of our country’s founding fathers!


  • A COLONIAL TREASURE, DISTINCTIVELY PACKAGED – Your 1789-1797 Silver 8 Reales coin will come beautifully displayed in a deluxe presentation case and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


No historical collection should be without the coins that helped usher in a new age of freedom for America, and your 1789-1797 Silver 8 Reales Fine coin is available for you now at GovMint.com. Call us today to secure yours!


Year of Issue 1797, 1796, 1795, 1794, 1792, 1791, 1790, 1789
Country Spain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9020
Grade F
Denomination 8.00
Currency Type Reale
Coin Weight 27.07 Grams - g
Dimensions 37mm