1874–1876 10 Cents Fractional Currency Note Fine

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10 Cents U.S. Notes? Believe It!

Tell a child that you used to see two-dollar bills in circulation, and they won’t believe you. Tell them that dimes and half dollars used to be pieces of paper, and they’ll walk right out of the room. That is, unless you have one of these to show them!

First issued during the Civil War, these 10 Cents Fractional Currency Notes stood in for the circulation coinage that had stopped circulating. Folks were too afraid of losing their wealth, and instead hoarded their coins. Fractional was very short-lived, however, and was issued after the Civil War only until 1876. This 10-Cent note issued in the fifth series printed from 1874-1876 is the last of its kind, as fractional currency was never issued in the United States again! Secure your note now in Fine condition.

  • HISTORIC U.S. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY – U.S. Fractional Currency was issued only from 1862-1876 during a time when circulating coins had nearly disappeared from circulation.
  • LAST-EVER FRACTIONAL NOTE SERIES – This 10-Cents Note is from the fifth-and-last series of Fractional Notes issued by the United States and they were printer only from 1874-1876
  • LEGAL TENDER CURRENCY – This note was 10 cents legal tender in the United States. On the front, it features the denomination and a portrait of William M. Meredith, the Secretary of the Treasury from 1849-1850. The back of the note features an ornate design.
  • GRADED IN FINE CONDITION – Your 1874–1876 10 Cents Fractional Currency Note comes graded in Fine condition with all the detail clearly visible.


Year of Issue (Date Our Choice), 1876, 1875, 1874
Country United States
Composition Paper
Grade F
Denomination 0.10
Currency Type Dollar