1875-1877-CC 10 Cent Seated Liberty Fine

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Are Carson City Coins On Your Most Wanted List?

U.S. coins with the Carson City Mint mark are actively sought out by collectors for a few reasons aside from their widely popular design. Many of these “change coins” circulated heavily and just plain wore out—and because of their 90% silver content, many were melted down for their precious metal. They’re also hard to find because the Carson City Mint only struck coins for twenty years, from 1870-1893. For this reason, better- grade coins in highly desirable condition are a collector’s dream. Your Seated Liberty was struck during 1875-1877 and is in Fine condition, allowing you to see most of the design elements struck over 135 years ago, including the highly desirable “CC” mintmark. These are must-haves for your collection. Secure one of each type today to round-out your collection.

Year of Issue 1877, 1876, 1875
Country United States
Composition Silver
Grade F
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Carson City - CC
Coin Weight 2.67 Grams - g
Dimensions 17.9mm