1896 5 Dollar Silver Certificate First Releases 268 PCGS 66PPQ

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Banned in Boston – The Most Beautiful Note Ever Produced


Ask any American currency expert what they hold as the most beautiful designs ever, and they’ll likely point to the Educational Series silver certificates printed in 1896. Ask them which of these notes is their favorite, and time and again you’ll hear “Electricity Presenting Light to the World.”


It’s a truly stunning work of art, but not everyone thought so at the time. Several Boston society ladies were said to have been furious that the notes displayed electricity as a bare-breasted woman. Claiming the notes were indecent, they led the charge to have them replaced. Thus the phrase, “banned in Boston” was born.


On the back of the note are President Grant and General Sheridan, both important figures during the Civil War.


This miniature work of art comes certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) Currency Grading as being in 66 Premium Paper Quality (66PPQ) condition and is the perfect addition to any high-end currency collection. It’s a trophy note in every respect, with terrific centering, print quality and margins. Secure it for your collection today!


  • OBSCENE” DESIGN ON U.S. CURRENCY – Along with the $1 and $2 notes, this $5 note from the Educational Series of 1896 were vastly more artistic than anyone had ever seen.  Up until 1896, most paper currency issues showed portraits of famous American leaders or a vignette that had something to do with an historic event or achievement. This note features an allegorical figure of Electricity – as a bare-chested woman! Unhappy bank tellers and saleswomen objected to the “indelicate figure” on the note and combined with their susceptibility to counterfeiting, the short-lived notes were replaced in 1899.


  • HIGHLY DESIERABLE COLLECTIBLE CURRENCY – The 1896 $5 Silver Certificate ranks as No. 5 on the 100 Greatest American Currency Notes as rated by experts David M. Sundman and Q. David Bowers.


  • COLLECTIBLE CURRENCY MORE SCARCE THAN COINS – It’s a fact; Paper money is far scarcer than coins with some notes having only a few hundred specimens in existence. It’s a growing hobby with coin collectors jumping on board to get the best notes available – like this 1896 $5 Silver Certificate.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY CURRENCY – Your 1896 $5 Silver Certificate has been graded in 66 Premium Paper Quality (66PPQ) condition with terrific centering and colors and print quality that seem to burst off the paper! It’s a trophy note in every respect!


The 1896 $5 Silver Certificate is universally regarded as the most famous – and most beautiful – piece of U.S. currency ever produced. Now you can obtain one of these scarce notes in this stunning condition!

Year of Issue 1896
Country United States
Composition Silver
Denomination 5.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name U.S. Mint
Dimensions 6.14 x 2.61 in