1901-O Morgan Silver Dollar VF

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The Last McKinley Silver Dollar

1901 was not only a year full of hope, with the new century just getting started, but also one of great loss. That’s because on September 14 of that year President William McKinley died from wounds received by an assassin’s bullets during a public reception held a week earlier in Buffalo, New York.

For a time, the nation’s spirit was crushed. Doctors at the time painted a rosy picture of McKinley’s recovery in the week leading up to his death so when Americans picked up their morning papers and read the shocking news they were devastated. Vice President Teddy Roosevelt dutifully took the oath of office and became our 26th president and helped guide the nation through its period of mourning.

On the fateful day that McKinley was shot and in the days that followed, one of the coins that lined the pockets of millions of Americans as they met to discuss the tragic events and ruminate on the motives of the President’s assassin was this Morgan Silver Dollar. Struck at the New Orleans Mint, this 1901-dated Morgan holds a special significance for being issued during the year when McKinley became the third president of the United States to be assassinated. 

Now, you can secure this historic Morgan Silver Dollar in Very Fine (VF) condition. Struck more than a century ago during Turn-of-the-Century America, it’s a tangible piece of history from one of the darkest days in one of America’s brightest eras.

  • AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR COIN – The Morgan Silver Dollar – so named for its designer, U.S. Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan – has stood the test of time. Struck from 1878-1904 and again in 1921, it is one of the most widely collected coins in United States history.
  • STRUCK THE SAME YEAR PRESIDENT McKINLEY WAS SHOT – This Morgan Silver Dollar was minted in1901 – the same year President William McKinley became the second President of the United States to be assassinated.
  • BIG SILVER COINS – Struck in 26.73 grams of 90% silver, the Morgan Silver Dollar is a big coin 38.1 mm in diameter. When this coin was plunked down on a counter, its weight meant real money, pure and simple.
  • CLASSIC DESIGNS – Morgan’s historic design depicts a profile of Lady Liberty on the obverse while the reverse features an eagle with outstretched wings. The model used for Liberty was Miss Anna Williams of Philadelphia, who Morgan declared to have the most perfect feminine profile he had ever seen.
  • VERY FINE CONDITION – Your 1901-O Morgan Silver Dollar will come in nice Very Fine (VF) condition, featuring full inscriptions with only moderate wear.
  • THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING MORGANS – While millions of Morgan Silver Dollars were struck from 1878 through 1921, massive silver meltings and the ravages of time have taken their toll. Today coin experts believe that only 15% of all Morgans ever struck remain in existence!

The assassination of President William McKinley shocked the nation in 1901. Now you can get Morgan Silver Dollar struck at the New Orleans Mint from that same year. Order yours today!

Year of Issue 1901
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9000
Grade VF
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name New Orleans - O
Coin Weight 26.73 Grams - g
Dimensions 38.1mm