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The Launch of a New One-Cent Series That Caused A Public Outcry

First struck in 1909, the popular Lincoln Wheat Cent gleamed brightly with copper-plated zinc, which is much different in appearance than today's cent. But, that wasn't the only unusual feature of that 1909 coin.

The designer of the Lincoln Wheat Cent was Victor D. Brenner. A sculptor, engraver and medalist, Brenner's work drew the interest of Theodore Roosevelt as he was considering artisans for the upcoming Lincoln Cent, which would begin its mintage during the 100th anniversary year of Lincoln's birthday. Brenner was chosen and designed both the reverse and the obverse - and originally wished to include his full name on the coin. A compromise was struck and Brenner only engraved his initials, VDB, on the coin - but in quite prominent fashion.

Within only a few days of the Lincoln Cent's release there was strong public outcry over the large initials, and production of the coins immediately halted until those initials were removed. They did not return to the Lincoln Cent until 1918. Collectors have long viewed the VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent a rarity among the coins, and now you can add one struck at the Philadelphia Mint to your collection, available now through GovMint.com.

The design of the Lincoln Wheat Cent is iconic, with the obverse featuring Abraham Lincoln - an image which has appeared on the U.S. cent for over a century. Lincoln is facing right, and above him rests the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" - the first time that motto was used on the one cent piece. The obverse of the Wheat Cent also includes the date "1909" and the inscription "LIBERTY." The reverse features two sheaves of wheat, one on either side of the inscriptions "ONE CENT," "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." And, resting at the base of your 1909 VDB Wheat Cent are the initials VDB - the initials that spurred a public reaction so strong it halted the U.S. Mint in its tracks.

The condition of your 1909 Wheat Cent is Almost Uncirculated (AU), which means you can expect your coin to have only a small trace of wear visible on its highest points. Given its condition, the coin was probably identified early on as a "keeper" - and now you can keep it too, adding this first-in-series rarity to your collection. . . If you act fast, and contact GovMint.com today.

Year of Issue 1909
Country United States
Composition Copper
Condition Circulated
Grade AU
Denomination 0.01
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Philadelphia - P, U.S. Mint
Coin Weight 3.11 Grams - g
Dimensions 19mm
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