1922–1925 Silver Half Dollar West Point Generals Set VF-XF w/Civil War Fractional Note

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The West Point Civil War Generals Set

Many cadets have marched through the halls of the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, but only a few have ever been featured on U.S. coinage. These include three prominent Civil War generals: Robert E. Lee (Class of 1829), Ulysses S. Grant (Class of 1843) and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (Class of 1846).

With this three-piece set, you’ll receive portraits of all three of these generals on a pair of coins that pay to their courage and the sacrifices they and their troops made when Brother Fought Brother.

  • The set begins with a 1922-P Grant Commemorative Half Dollar struck to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the famous Union General and 18th president of the United States. The coin was designed by famed sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser and featured a bust of Grant on the obverse and the frame house in Point Pleasant, Ohio where he was born on April 27, 1822.
  • The second coin in this collection is the 1925-P Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar. The coin features the two most famous Confederate generals; Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee. The models for this coin were prepared by Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum and proceeds from the sales of these coins were devoted to the carving of the Stone Mountain Memorial in Georgia.
  • In addition to the coins, you’ll also receive an authentic 1863 25-Cent Fractional Note that was printed the same year the Battle of Gettysburg was fought. Due to a shortage of available coinage during the Civil War, these notes became the wartime “pocket change” that circulated in commerce.

This is a fantastic set for any fan of American History and the Civil War. Keep the memory of all those Billy Yanks and Johnny Rebs alive with this vibrant set.

Year of Issue 1925, 1924, 1923, 1922, 1863
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9000
Grade VF, XF
Denomination 0.50
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name U.S. Mint
Coin Weight 12.5 Grams - g
Dimensions 30.6mm