1928 $20 24K 100 mg Gold Certificate Commemorative PMG GEM

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The First-Ever Small-Sized $20 Gold Certificate Reborn in Actual Gold!

In 1928, the United States government issued a new series of Gold Certificates. Those notes were the new smaller size we all now carry in our pockets. The Gold Certificates circulated right alongside the better-known Federal Reserve Notes only until 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt pressed for passage of the Gold Reserve Act, causing the Federal Reserve to transfer its stash of gold certificates and bullion to the Treasury where most of these notes were gathered up and destroyed.

Now you can secure these notes struck — not printed — as gleaming commemoratives crafted in 100 mg of 24-karat gold! The $20 note available here features the same portrait we see of President Andrew Jackson that appears on today’s $20 bills. The obverse displays a brilliant gold color with black and bright golden yellow highlights. The reverse features a green color similar to the originals. The only difference in the designs is a slight revision to incorporate the gold weight.

The reverse features an intricate engraving of the White House, but instead of the design that appears on today’s $20 bill that shows a view of the White House from the North Lawn, the 1928 Gold Certificate shows an intricate engraving of the White from the South Lawn. More importantly, the front of the note shows an eye-catching seal and serial number printed in gold. At the bottom center, the notes proclaim that the face amount is “In gold coin payable to the bearer on demand.” Though don’t try to spend these commemoratives, they’re not legal tender.

Here’s your chance to own a collectible 24kt gold foil commemorative that pays tribute to one of the most famous notes in U.S. gold history — each graded by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) in Gem Uncirculated condition. Stake your claim before it’s too late; secure one or more today and add some real gold to your collection.

Year of Issue 2020
Country United States
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9990
Condition Graded, Uncirculated
Denomination 20.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name U.S. Mint
Coin Weight 0.1 Grams - g