1931-S 1 Cent Lincoln Cent XF

1931-S 1 Cent Lincoln Cent XF
1931-S 1 Cent Lincoln Cent XF 1931-S 1 Cent Lincoln Cent XF 1931-S 1 Cent Lincoln Cent XF 1931-S 1 Cent Lincoln Cent XF
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The Year Lincoln Suffered From Depression!

The Great Depression hit hard in 1931, severely limiting the need for new Lincoln Cents from the San Francisco Mint. As a result, the 1931-S Lincoln has the second lowest mintage in the entire 100+ years of the series. We were offered a scarce hoard of 1931-S cents in Extremely Fine condition. We immediately snapped them up, because this is the largest number we've seen at one time in years! No Lincoln Cent collection is complete without this hard-to-find 1931-S. Get yours and you can stop looking!

Year of Issue 1931
Country United States
Composition Copper
Designs are lightly worn throughout Extremely Fine (XF) coins, but all features are clear and well-defined. In addition, traces of luster may show.
Denomination 0.01
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name
San Francisco - S
Established in 1853 to strike coins from California’s newly-discovered vast reserves of gold, the San Francisco branch of the United States Mint is famous for the quality, lustrous Morgan Silver Dollars produced at "The Granite Lady" from 1878 to 1921. After moving to a new building in 1937, coin production at the San Francisco mint shut down in 1955. A shortage caused regular coin production to resume in 1965. While the mintage of circulating coins ceased in 1981, proof coins and commemoratives are still struck at the San Francisco Mint today.
Coin Weight 3.11 Grams - g
Dimensions 19mm
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