1935 1 Dollar Silver Certificate Currency World War 2 Set Fine 3pc

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World War II-Era Silver Certificates


The winds of war were already blowing in 1935. Two years earlier, Adolf Hitler had become Chancellor of Germany and his Nazi Party was consolidating power. Within six short years, America would officially enter World War II. And these notes were there to see it! Part of the U.S. Treasury’s 1935 Silver Certificate Series, these notes circulated throughout World War II and could be traded for hefty silver dollars.


The United States first issued silver certificates as part of its circulating paper currency in 1878 and continued to release them until 1964. Initially redeemable for their face value in silver dollar coins, by 1968 they were redeemable only in Federal Reserve Notes and thus obsolete. The 1935 Series was the last series issued prior to the start of World War II, and as such, these legal-tender dollar bills went on to see circulation throughout World War II – both at home and abroad.


In this three-piece set, you’ll see examples of notes that saw action in the war on three different fronts: Europe, the South Pacific and at home. It includes:


A Red Seal Hawaii Note, ready to be demonetized at a moment’s notice. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, nervous citizens were afraid of being overrun by Japanese troops. The Bureau of Engraving stamped HAWAII across 1935 Series notes and sent them to Hawaii as insurance against invasion. Once the threat was over, most of these notes were withdrawn from circulation and are difficult to find in nice condition today.

Yellow Seal North Africa Note, given to troops during “Operation Torch,” these were also emergency notes and were issued in 1942 for circulation in Europe and Northern Africa. Each was printed with a yellow seal and could be demonetized if U.S. troops met defeat on the battlefield and they fell into enemy hands.

Blue Seal Certificates, used by citizens here at home. As was customary at this time, the year date on the bill did not reflect when it was printed. These notes with blue seals circulated throughout the Homefront and were used by American citizens from Rosie the Riveter to neighborhood kids running scrap metal drives to housewives planting Victory Gardens.


Each historic note comes in Fine condition, along with reprints of actual WWII headlines! It’s a magnificent collectible that can be shared with collectors and history buffs of all ages.

Year of Issue 1935
Country United States
Composition Paper
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Dimensions 6.14 x 2.61 in
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