1950's–1990's Great American Stocks and Bonds 25-Piece Album

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25 Great American Stocks and Bonds

Many of the greatest American corporations have opened their financial doors to the public, selling stocks and bonds that allow average Americans to own a piece of the companies they choose to support and share in their successes. This collection of 25 Great American Stocks and Bonds includes an 11" x 17" album containing genuine voided stock and bond certificates from companies like AT&T, American Tobacco, B&O Railroad, General Motors, Pan American World Airways, Union Pacific and more.

Each stock or bond is its own work of art, featuring impressive colors, vignettes and logos. These are truly pieces of a bygone age as more and more stocks today are issued electronically, meaning fewer and fewer paper certificates are issued – and even fewer that feature the bold, beautiful designs of these decades-old artistic masterpieces.

Whether you’re new to the hobby of Scripophily – a specialized field of numismatics related to the study and collection of historical documents like stock and bond certificates – this incredible 25-piece set is a perfect starting point. Each stock or bond will be housed in a clear sheet with a description of that stock or bond. Dates range from the 1950s through the 1990s, allowing you to take a curated journey through American corporate history.

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