1955 United States Proof Set

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1955 Proof Set

1955 Proof Sets appeared in two different versions. Early in the year, sets were sold in old-style packaging consisting of cellophane sleeves, tissue paper, and boxes. Later in the year, the Mint converted to a new "flat pack" in which the coins were placed in a clear pliofilm holder. Each coin "floated" loose in its own separate, sealed compartment. A sixth compartment held a small octagonal foil seal, imprinted with "US MINT PHILADELPHIA" in blue. The set was then inserted, along with a card, into an imprinted mailing envelope. The price remained the same for either version. In keeping with the trend of prior years, sales of the 1955 Proof sets took another big jump.

Each set contained five coins: One example each of the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar.

Mintage: 378,200 sets

About the sets: 1955 Proof Coins are found with Brilliant, Cameo and Deep Cameo surfaces, with the majority falling in the Brilliant category. Cameo Proofs are fairly scarce in any denomination. Deep Cameo Proofs are rare, with the Nickel being the hardest to find, and the Quarter Dollar being the easiest. The warning against buying sealed Proof Sets applies to the 1955 Sets, as well, in either version. Sealed Sets are more likely to contain substituted coins (and even non-coins) than they are to contain Deep Cameo Proofs. Flat packs should be examined for small tears or cracks in the pliofilm. Even a hole the size of a pin can let in oxygen or moisture, both of which will react chemically with the metal of a coin, causing unsightly spots. 1955 Proof Sets with even a single Deep Cameo Proof are rare. Sets should be examined carefully, because sometimes the pliofilm becomes cloudy, making it difficult to tell if the coin beneath is a Cameo Proof or not.

Rare varieties that sometimes can be found in 1955 Proof Sets include: 1955 Tripled Die Reverse Cent (check "E PLURIBUS UNUM") and the 1955 Tripled Die Reverse Nickel (check "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA").

Original packaging: As mentioned above, the 1955 sets came in either the old-style "box pack" or the new "flat pack." No records were kept of the mintages for the two different styles of packaging, but they appear to have been issued in nearly identical quantities. Even so, the flat pack commands a 20 – 30% premium over the box pack, perhaps because the coins in the flat pack are less likely to be damaged.

Year of Issue 1955
Country United States
Condition Uncirculated
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name U.S. Mint
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