1976 South Africa 1-oz Gold Krugerrand NGC MS68

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Just Discovered: Rare bank hoard of 1976 Gold Krugerrands
For nearly 50 years, the South African Krugerrand has been the world's Gold Standard. The Krugerrand was the world's first modern gold bullion coin, and the very name Krugerrand has become synonymous with wealth, prosperity, and affluence. 

The Krugerrand's impact simply can't be overstated. When other countries witnessed the international demand created by the Krugerrand, many of them eventually began to issue gold coins of their own a decade or more later. These included the U.S. Gold Eagle, China Gold Panda, and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. 

But as popular as those other gold coins may be today, every one of them owes their existence to the "granddaddy of gold", the South African Gold Krugerrand. 

The Cuban Cigar of the Gold World
In 1985, Ronald Reagan banned the import of Gold Krugerrands as part of overall economic sanctions to protest apartheid. (Of course, it also didn't hurt to make the Krugerrand unavailable to U.S. buyers just before the launch of the new U.S. Gold Eagle coins in 1986...) 

News that Krugerrands were to soon be banned caused an immediate buying frenzy by American gold buyers. Reagan's ban would eventually be lifted nine years later, but to this day Krugerrands retain much of the same elusive air as contraband Cuban cigars. 

A Half Century of Gold 
As the Gold Krugerrand nears its 50th anniversary next year, its popularity and legendary allure are on the rise all over again. The gold purity, design, and specifications for the Gold Krugerrand have remained unchanged for five decades. Each Gold Krugerrand contains one Troy ounce of pure gold. In order to make the coins more durable, they are struck in an alloy of 91.7% gold and trace amounts of copper. 

The timeless design of the Krugerrand portrays South Africa's first president, Paul Kruger while the reverse depicts a Springbok, or South African Antelope. This now iconic design was adapted from a 1947 crown coin struck for the Royal visit to South Africa. The name Krugerrand was derived from Kruger (President Paul Kruger) and Rand (for the South African monetary unit). 

The South African Mint, located in Pretoria, South Africa, is one of the most prestigious mints in the world. It was the first operational mint on South African soil when it was established in 1892 by the National Bank, and the mint has been producing world-class coins for more than a century. They have won numerous awards for their craftsmanship and artistry. 

DISCOVERED: A 40-Year-Old Gold Hoard
Past year Gold Krugerrands are favorites among collectors, especially dates from the 1960's and 1970's—when American Gold Eagles hadn't even been thought of yet. Our international buyers are always on the lookout for past year Krugerrands. But recently, a bank vault hoard was uncovered that shocked even our most experienced buyer. A hoard of pristine Gold Krugerrands purchased in 1976 and locked away in a bank vault! 

They would not see the light of day again for forty years. 

When we learned of this incredible Krugerrand hoard, we immediately had the coins sent to the highly-respected independent grading service, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), for authentication and grading. Because they had been preserved for forty years in the controlled environment of a bank vault, 28 of the coins garnered the high collector grade of Mint State 67 (MS67), while another 30 of them earned a grade of Mint State 68 (MS68). These are the coins we have reserved especially for this offer. 

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When these Gold Krugerrands were struck in 1976, independent coin grading did not exist yet. Third-party grading of gold coins did not really begin until the mid-1980s. Therefore, only a shockingly few 1976 Gold Krugerrand coins exist in the world in Mint State 67 or Mint State 68 grades today. 

How few? 

To date, the two major coin grading services have only certified 55 coins in MS67 grade, and a mere 40 coins in MS68 grade. This means that today you have the rare opportunity to own a legendary one-ounce gold coin that: 

• Is a genuine Gold Krugerrand from its 'golden decade' of the 1970's
• Was purchased in 1976 and perfectly preserved in a bank vault for 40 years
• Has been authenticated and graded in highly collectible grade by one of the most respected professional grading services in the world, NGC
• Is a legal-tender coin containing a full Troy ounce of pure gold
• Offers true bragging rights of ownership as the world's first and most famous gold bullion coin: the Krugerrand
• Is one of less than 40-55 coins known in the world to have earned the two grades of MS67 and MS68 

Year of Issue 1976
Country South Africa
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9170
Condition Graded
Grade MS68
Currency Type Rand
Mint Name South Africa Mint
Coin Weight 33.93 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 32.7mm
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