1986–1992-S $1 1-oz Silver American Eagle 7-Piece Proof Set

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Silver Eagle Proofs — The First 7 Years

First issued in 1986, the American Eagle Silver Dollar is perhaps the most widely collected silver coin in the world – and the epitome of that coin is the Silver Eagle Proof. This set brings together the first seven years of this coveted coin, all struck at the San Francisco Mint. Collectors crave “firsts,” and this set brings together the first seven Proof coins of the series, dated from 1986 until 1992! Why seven? Because in 1993, production of the Silver Eagle Proof moved to the Philadelphia Mint. That makes this a complete set -- the goal of every elite collector – with an awesome San Francisco Mint American Silver Eagle Proof Collection.

What’s more, Proof coins are the apex of the minter’s art. You’ll marvel at their frosty designs and mirrored fields, as well as the knowledge that you’ve managed to secure the first seven dates ever struck! Proof American Silver Eagles are also much scarcer than their Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) counterparts. How much scarcer? Based on mintages form the inception of the Silver Eagle program in 1986, The Mint has struck 24 times MORE Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Eagles, making Proof coins not only the height of coin perfection, but more limited and sought-after as well – and these first several years are the most desirable of all!

  • COMPLETE SET OF S-MINT SILVER EAGLE PROOFS – This set not only features the first seven years of American Silver Eagles, but the first seven Proof coin struck at the San Francisco Mint! Each coin will come housed in its original government packaging.
  • WEINMAN'S CLASSIC WALKING LIBERTY . . . – Adolph A. Weinman's iconic Walking Liberty design first made its debut on the 1916 half dollar, lasting three decades before bowing out in 1947. In 1986, this iconic image was reborn for the Silver Eagle with her exquisitely detailed beauty remaining on the coin ever since.
  • . . . PAIRED WITH JOHN MERCANTI'S HERALDIC EAGLE! – This coin's stoic and symbolic heraldic eagle was created by designer John Mercanti -- the most prolific coin and medal designer in United States Mint history!
  • EXPERTLY STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – The craftspeople of the San Francisco Mint are known around the world for their skill and attention to detail. It's this talent that transforms each one-ounce planchet of 99.9% fine silver into beautiful pieces of numismatic art.
  • U.S. LEGAL TENDER – Each 2019 American Silver Eagle is $1 United States of America legal tender, as seen on the coin's reverse where it is engraved with the words ONE DOLLAR.
  • GORGEOUS PROOF CONDITION – Your Silver Eagles all come in gorgeous Proof condition, meaning they were expertly crafted by the mint from hand-selected planchets, polished dies and multiple strikes to produce beautifully frosted details rising over mirror-like fields!

There’s no better way to start, complete or add to your American Silver Eagle collection than by securing the very first seven years of the series in gorgeous Proof condition! This is a tremendous opportunity at a price that won’t break the bank!

Year of Issue 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name San Francisco - S
Coin Weight 31.101 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 40.6mm