1989 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Proof 4 Pc Set

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1989 South Africa Gold Reef City (GRC) Mint 4-Piece Gold Krugerrand Proof Set

This 1989-4pc Krugerrand Proof Set was struck by the South African Gold Reef City (GRC) Mint. This 22 karat gold set been encapsulated, certified and graded (1oz = 97 points & 1/2oz = 96 points) by South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE). GRC Krugerrand Proof Sets in SAGCE packaging are a rare find and a prize gem for any collection. 1989 has the lowest mintage of any GRC Krugerrand Proof Sets with only 318 sets struck! Each of these coins has the small "GRC" mark on the reverse, showing that they were struck at Gold Reef City.

The Gold Reef City Mint (established in 1986) only struck a select number of Krugerrands for five years from 1987-1991 and the mintages are among the lowest of the entire Krugerrand series. Known as the granddaddy of all coin grading services, the South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) was established in 1972. It was the forerunner to grading services such as PCGS and NGC. They were grading and certifying Proof Krugerrands long before their American counterparts even existed. A numeric point value scale ranging between 90–110 was used. Only the 1-oz and ½-oz coins were graded. This stunning 4pc sets comes encapsulated in SAGCE slabs and packaged in a leatherette original SAGCE box. Secure it for your collection today!

Year of Issue 1989
Country South Africa
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9167
Condition Proof
Mint Name South Africa Mint
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