1995 Switzerland Silver Shooting Thaler Thun Proof

1995 Switzerland Silver Shooting Thaler Thun Proof
1995 Switzerland Silver Shooting Thaler Thun Proof 1995 Switzerland Silver Shooting Thaler Thun Proof 1995 Switzerland Silver Shooting Thaler Thun Proof
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Commemorate the Historic Swiss Shooting Festival with this Beautiful 1995 Silver Thaler!

Switzerland is divided into Swiss cantons, similar to states in the United States. In the 1800s and early 1900s, these cantons held Shooting Festivals as a fundraiser to support orphans and widows of soldiers who had died in battle. Prizes were awarded to sharp shooters and commemorative medals were minted for each festival. Although the purpose for the festival has changed the tradition continues and draws 200,000-300,000 people every year.

Collectors will love the opportunity to be able to get their hands on the 1995 Switzerland Silver Shooting Thalers, part of the legendary coin series that sell out at the Swiss mint every year they are issued. This year’s version of the Shooting Thaler commemorated the 1995 Federal Festival in Thun. The obverse image displays a man with a bow and arrow and the reverse image features a castle.

  • Gem Proof Condition-- Manufactured using highly polished planchets and struck multiple times creates a beautiful frosted look on the raise parts of the design, with a mirror-like finish in the background.
  • Classic and Modern Era Coins-- The classic era of Shooting Thalers was from 1842-1939. After the production of these coins was paused due to World War II, the Shooting Thalers were reintroduced in 1984 and the modern era for these coins began.
  • High Quality and Beautiful Designs-- Each piece contains 25 grams of 90% silver and Shooting Thalers are well-known for their beautiful and intricate designs depicting marksmanship, heraldry, Swiss patriotism, and various cantonal themes.
  • Limited Mintage -- Shooting Thalers sell out every year but we have obtained some scarce, backdated issues. Only 5,000 1995 Shooting Thalers are available.

The Shooting Thalers are very popular due to their long-running connection with the Swiss Shooting Festivals that are a pillar of Swiss culture and are held throughout the great nation of Switzerland. Because of the popularity of the Shooting Thalers, it is very difficult to acquire these special coins. Don’t miss this special opportunity! Order a 1995 Silver Thaler today to get your hands on a piece of Swiss tradition!

Year of Issue 1995
Country Switzerland
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9000
Condition Proof
Denomination 50.00
Currency Type Francs
Coin Weight 25 Grams - g
Dimensions 37mm
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