2002 United States Mint Set

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2002-PD Mint Set

About the sets: The coins in the 2002-PD Mint Sets were Uncirculated pieces pulled from regular production runs, thus the quality of the individual coins varies widely from set to set and even within a set.

The 2002-PD Mint Set contained twenty coins, including the following:

2002-PD Mint Set Cent Nickel Dime Quarter Half Dollar One Dollar
Philadelphia 1 1 1 5 1 1
Denver 1 1 1 5 1 1


There is one example of each of the following from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints: Tennessee Quarter, Ohio Quarter, Louisiana Quarter, Indiana Quarter, and Mississippi Quarter (all Copper-Nickel Clad).

Mintage: 1,139,388 sets

About the sets: According to the Mint, "These coins are struck on special uncirculated coin presses with special quality enhancements such as slightly higher coining force, early strikes from dies…."

Original packaging: The 2002-PD Mint Set consisted of two different sets in two envelopes. One envelope contains coins from the Philadelphia Mint, the second contains coins from the Denver Mint. Each envelope contains two Mylar® packages, the first containing the Cent, Nickel, Dime, Half Dollar, and Dollar. The second contains the following five 2002 Quarters from the 50 State Quarters® program: Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The pack containing the D-Mint coins was edged in red, the pack containing the D-Mint Quarters was edged in black, the pack containing the P-Mint coins was edged in blue, and the pack containing the P-Mint Quarters was edged in white. The two P-Mint packs were placed in a blue envelope; the D-Mint packs in a red envelope.

America in 2002

The Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Utah in February. About 2,400 athletes from 78 countries participated. The U.S. won 10 gold, 13 silver and 11 Bronze medals. The first detainees arrive in Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Angels defeated the Giants in Game 7 to win the World Series.

The World in 2002

In February, Great Britain celebrated the Golden Jubilee (50 Years) of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. On March 30th, the Queen Mother died at age 101. Euro coins were introduced in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Year of Issue 2002
Country United States
Composition Mixed Metal
Condition Uncirculated
Grade BU
Denomination Varies
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Philadelphia - P
Coin Weight 31.07 Grams - g
Dimensions Various