2011-S United States Silver Proof Set

2011-S United States Silver Proof Set
2011-S United States Silver Proof Set 2011-S United States Silver Proof Set 2011-S United States Silver Proof Set 2011-S United States Silver Proof Set 2011-S United States Silver Proof Set
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The U.S. Mint's Popular Annual Set - in Sparkling Silver!

This 14-coin set includes exceptional silver proofs of the 2011 circulating coins, struck at the United States Mint at San Francisco and bearing its "S" mint mark. Each receives the highest quality strike possible and can be distinguished by its sharpness of detail and brilliant, mirror-like surface - including the five new America the Beautiful Quarters®, Roosevelt Dime and Kennedy Half Dollar in 90% silver. Housed in a presentation lens that showcases and preserves their brilliant backgrounds and frosted, sculpted foregrounds, this set honors America's natural treasures and our noteworthy leaders, including: Five New America the Beautiful Quarters® in 90% silver. The second year of this series features Gettysburg National Military Park, Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park, Vicksburg National Military Park, and Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Four New Presidential One Dollar Coins: the latest one-year-only designs, including Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and James A. Garfield. Five Additional Coins in Proof Condition: 90% silver Kennedy half dollar and Roosevelt dime, plus the Native American dollar coin, Jefferson nickel and Lincoln cent. Proof sets are one of the most popular - and affordable - issues from the U.S. Mint every year! Don't miss out - order yours today!

Year of Issue 2011
Country United States
Composition Silver, Mixed
Purity 0.9000
A specially made coin distinguished by sharpness of detail and usually with a mirror-like surface. Proof refers to the method of manufacture and is not a condition. Proof coins are struck on specially-made planchets using polished dies. Proof coins are minted primarily for collectors and are not released for general circulation.
Denomination Varies
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name
San Francisco - S
Established in 1853 to strike coins from California’s newly-discovered vast reserves of gold, the San Francisco branch of the United States Mint is famous for the quality, lustrous Morgan Silver Dollars produced at "The Granite Lady" from 1878 to 1921. After moving to a new building in 1937, coin production at the San Francisco mint shut down in 1955. A shortage caused regular coin production to resume in 1965. While the mintage of circulating coins ceased in 1981, proof coins and commemoratives are still struck at the San Francisco Mint today.
U.S. Mint
Created by the United States Congress through the Coinage Act of 1792, the United States Mint opened its first building in Philadelphia in 1793. Today, the U.S. Mint strikes circulating coins, as well as special collector coins and sets at the "Mother Mint" of Philadelphia and the branch mints of Denver, San Francisco and West Point.
Coin Weight Various
Dimensions Various
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