2012 London Olympics Kilo Silver NGC PF69

2012 London Olympics Kilo Silver NGC PF69
2012 London Olympics Kilo Silver NGC PF69 2012 London Olympics Kilo Silver NGC PF69 2012 London Olympics Kilo Silver NGC PF69 2012 London Olympics Kilo Silver NGC PF69
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The First Ever British Silver Kilo!

Holding a legal-tender U.K. Silver Kilogram coin has been a collectors' dream for years. But making it a reality required a truly Olympian effort! Because of an old British law on the books which limited the weight of U.K. coinage, it took literally three years of work to legally authorize this massive Silver Kilo. It also required a bill to pass from the House of Commons to the House of Lords and to Parliament. Finally, it had to receive Royal Assent from Queen Elizabeth II herself. You can see why lucky owners of massive Silver Kilo Proofs are actually part of British history! These historic coins were struck to a massive 100 mm diameter and contain 1005 grams of 99.9% fine silver. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II's effigy as well as the denomination of 500 British Pounds. The reverse design depicts a ring of flags that also pay homage to the Olympic Flame. They encircle the legend XXX Olympiad. The entire design is surrounded by the wonderful poetic phrase: Unite our Dreams to Make the World a Team of Teams. Each Silver Kilo Proof has been certified and graded as a Proof-69 (PF69) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), and then encapsulated and sonically sealed in an impressive acrylic holder with a special London 2012 label. The presentation is completed with a prestigious Royal Mint display case and official certificate of authenticity. Only 2,012 of these Silver Kilos were minted, and our supply of certified Proof-69 coins is disappearing into history as we speak. Don’t miss out!

Year of Issue 2012
Country Great Britain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Coins that are inspected, evaluated and graded by an independent, third party grading service. After a grade is assigned, each coin is sonically sealed in an acrylic "slab," preserving the coin's condition.
A state of preservation used to describe coins that never circulated in the channels of commerce, i.e. a coin without any wear from circulation.
A specially made coin distinguished by sharpness of detail and usually with a mirror-like surface. Proof refers to the method of manufacture and is not a condition. Proof coins are struck on specially-made planchets using polished dies. Proof coins are minted primarily for collectors and are not released for general circulation.
The second-highest grade a proof can obtain, based off the internationally accepted 70-point Sheldon grading scale. A distinction of Proof-69, otherwise known as PF69, means your almost-flawless proof showcases an impressive full strike and indistinguishable imperfections. With quality well above of the majority of proofs in their respective series, many collectors prefer PF69-graded proofs for their balance of collector status and affordability.
Currency Type Pound
Mint Name
The Royal Mint
Britain’s Royal Mint started striking coins 1,100 years ago. By 1279, it moved to the Tower of London where it remained for 500 years. In the early 19th century, The Royal Mint began striking one of the most famous coins in history: the Gold Sovereign, featuring St. George slaying the dragon. Now based in Llantrisant, South Wales, the Royal Mint produces all of the United Kingdom's official circulating coinage and commemorative issues, in addition to fulfilling the minting needs of dozens of countries.
Coin Weight 1000 Grams - g
Weight 1 Kilo - kg
Dimensions 100mm
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