2013 Series $1 “Lucky 8888” Federal Reserve Note PMG Gem Uncirculated

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“Lucky 8888” Federal Reserve Note

In Chinese culture, the number “8” is considered especially lucky. The more 8s you can put together, the better the luck! During Chinese New Year, for example, parents often head to the bank to secure special “lucky money” with as many 8s in the serial number as possible, and then hand them out in traditional red envelopes.

Now you, too, can add a piece of luck to your collection with a 2013 Series $1 Federal Reserve Note — and what a note! Each dollar bill available here starts with not one, or two, or even three, but FOUR 8s at the start of its serial number! Yours will arrive sealed in a Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) holder and graded as being in Gem Uncirculated 66 Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) condition.

Are you feeling lucky? Only a limited number of notes feature consecutive 8s in their serial numbers — don’t let your luck run out by waiting too long! Order one of these $1 Quadruple 8888s today!

Year of Issue 2013
Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Grade GEM Uncirculated
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar