2013 2 Dollar Jefferson Double 88's Year Of The Dog

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This "Year of the Dog," Give the Gift of Good Luck!

In Chinese culture, the number eight is the luckiest of them all. Since "eight" ("bā" or "baat") sounds similar to "to prosper" ("fā" or "faat") in the Chinese language, the two have been linked for millennia. If you have a number to your name -- whether it’s a phone number, a license plate or even your birthday -- the more eights you have (especially in a row), the luckier you are! Plus, this number is definitely auspicious for big events -- no surprise then that the Beijing Olympic Games started at 8:08:08 PM on 8/8/2008!

So, naturally, gifts of currency that possess several eights in a serial number are especially welcome tokens of good fortune. That's why we love these lucky money notes heralding 2013, a "Year of the Dog" according to the Chinese zodiac. These crisp, uncirculated and hand-selected two dollar bills each have a special feature that signifies good tidings for the owner!

  • A FRESH, UNCIRCULATED TWO-DOLLAR BILL . . . -- That's right! These are Series 2013 United States of America legal-tender two dollar bills, featuring President Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and John Trumbull's famous painting "The Declaration of Independence" on the reverse.


  • . . . SELECTED BY HAND! -- Gathered in pristine and uncirculated condition, thousands of these bills were inspected to discover the few with serial numbers that end in "88." The relatively low production numbers of two dollar bills make these lucky notes particularly rare ones to find in circulation! 


  • PROTECTED IN A PLASTIC SLEEVE . . . -- Once discovered, each of these two dollar bills is tucked away in a protective plastic sleeve.


  • . . . AND SECURED IN A VIVID RED FOLDER! -- The bill is then held inside a beautiful red folder that tells the story behind the year of the dog. This artfully designed card also features a Chinese zodiac legend on the back!

This Lucky Money Note makes a great gift for family and friends. In fact, giving four equals an appropriate present of eight bucks! Whether you're looking to give luck or get luck, don't wait for good fortune to leave you behind. Order yours now!

Year of Issue 2013
Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Denomination 2.00
Currency Type Dollar