2014 Australia 1-oz Silver Koala High Relief Proof

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A Guinness World Record Holder Aims Even Higher!

Three reasons why this Silver Dollar soars!

Australia's Perth Mint makes its home in a magnificent building from 1899. But, the technology within those massive 19th century stone walls is 21st century all the way.

Just as the Swiss are known for crafting the finest timepieces, the Perth Mint is known for producing among the highest quality gold and silver coins in the world.

"The best in the world!" Remember that phrase, because the Perth Mint's latest Silver Dollar masterpiece earns that distinction in three different ways:

#1 WORLD RECORD: The Perth Mint may be the only mint in history to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. They garnered this prestigious award by minting the world's largest coin: a one-ton Australian Gold coin! That particular coin is currently not for sale, but the world record achievement actually inspired the Perth Mint to aim even higher! They tackled the incredible challenge of creating the same breathtaking artistry in a slightly more practical legal tender Australian coin: the 2014 High Relief Koala Silver Dollar Proof.

#2 WORLD CLASS ELITE: The ultimate example of Perth Mint's unrivaled craftsmanship is the Australian Koala Silver Dollar - struck as a high relief proof. Only a few coin issues in the world are struck each year as double-thick, high relief proofs. This time-honored minting technique was originally reserved for kings and queens. Today, it is the hallmark of some of the finest and most important coins. Only a handful of mints anywhere in the world are even capable of striking them! The U.S. Mint has only struck one modern high relief proof, the 2009 High Relief Gold Double Eagle - and the High Relief Silver Koala Proof is actually 50% thicker than that coin. The sculpted details of this High Relief Koala Silver Dollar Proof rise dramatically above the deep concave field in the center of the coin. As our senior numismatist, Doug Thomas, puts it: "It's like looking into a deep bowl of pure silver, with the image of the Koala rising up toward you. It's one of the most dramatic modern coins I've ever seen."

#3 PURE AUSTRALIAN SILVER - GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED: Silver's allure is timeless. But, today, the voracious appetite for silver from collectors, banks, and governments has made this precious metal hotter than ever! So it's no wonder that one Troy ounce Australian Koala Silver Dollars are prized by collectors and are highly sought-after. What's more, each Koala Silver Dollar is an official Australian legal tender silver dollar. Savvy buyers realize that securing silver dollars like these allows you to own pure silver with the absolute security of government guaranteed purity, weight, and authenticity. Each Australian High Relief Koala Silver Dollar bears this government guarantee struck directly into the surface of the coin!

Thanks to our standing as an authorized U.S. distributor for Australia's Perth Mint, we're literally bringing you the world: a World Record holder striking a World Class Elite High Relief coin, in one Troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver! This is a one-year-only design in a series that continues attract collectors' interest every year. Yours will arrive in a Perth Mint box with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Only 10,000 High Relief Proofs will be minted for 2014, and we currently have over 31,000 customers who seek out the world class coins of Australia's Perth Mint. Because of our limited availability, if even 10% of them lock in just ONE of these incredible 2014 High Relief Koala Silver Dollar Proofs; there simply won't be enough to go around.

Don't miss out. Set your own world record for the fastest order right now!

Year of Issue 2014
Country Australia
Composition Silver
Condition Proof
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Perth Mint
Coin Weight 31.10 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 32.6mm
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