2014 Great Britain 1-oz Silver Britannia MULE NGC MS69 PL

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2014 Silver Britannia Mule Error Coins Uncovered!

First recorded error on a major world silver coin creates an incredible opportunity – but only if you act now!

When a sharp-eyed coin dealer spotted a major mistake on one of the world’s most popular silver coins early this year, the international press went berserk.

Headline after headline appeared in print and online. But the coverage wasn’t just limited to the coin press! Mainstream news outlets on both sides of the Atlantic carried the amazing story:

A Britannia mule coin had just been discovered for the first time!

What the heck is a "Mule" coin? Well, just as a mule is the offspring of a horse and a donkey, a mule coin is one struck from two dies which were never intended to be used together. For example, the heads side of a quarter with the tails side of a half dollar.

This kind of dramatic mule error creates HUGE public attention! Number one on the list of the top 100 coin errors among collectors is a mule coin struck with a Washington Quarter on one side and a Sacagawea Dollar on the other side!

To err is human – but government mints have very strict quality controls designed to catch mistakes before they leave the mint. Mule coins errors very, very rarely make it into the public's hands.

Need proof? In over 200 years of U.S. Mint history, only four confirmed mule errors are known. And all four U.S. errors are on base metal coins, not on silver. The world has never seen a large silver dollar sized mule. Until now!

To err is human – to err in SILVER is divine!
Britain's Royal Mint has been striking British coins for over 1,000 years—and they rarely make mule errors either.

But as the Royal Mint began shipping their newest annual Silver Britannia coins for 2014, an eagle-eyed dealer noticed a problem – one that would become the first recorded mule error for such a major annual silver coin series!

You see, the rim of the Silver Britannia coin traditionally features a decorative edge which is "crenelated". This means that it features a notched design that looks much like the ramparts along the top of a castle, or the teeth of a large gear.

One side of the 2014 Silver Britannia bears this distinctive edge. But the obverse of the coin—which features the royal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II—was discovered to have a smooth edge instead.

The British Britannia is one of the world's most popular annual issue silver dollar sized coins. To suddenly have a mule error variety appear on the market triggered an avalanche of interest – and demand!

Collectors go crazy!
As the news broke and collectors realized what a historic "first ever" this Silver Britannia Mule represented, demand for this coin exploded!

British collectors – desperate to get their hands on one – have paid as much as $499.95 for an ungraded example of this coin.

That's not surprising, of course, since mule coins are discovered so rarely, and the Silver Britannia Mule is the first for a major, large diameter silver world coin.

The lion's share secured exclusively for YOU!
Over a million and a half Silver Britannia coins have been struck since they first appeared in 1997. But the Royal Mint estimates that only about 17,000 of the 2014 Silver Britannia coins are of the highly sought-after mule variety.

When our GovMint.com founder, Bill Gale, learned of this historic first ever Silver Britannia Mule, he knew that our customers expected one thing: for GovMint.com to track down and secure as many of these coins as possible. And that's exactly what he did!

Bill knew that we have over 70,000 customers who would jump at the chance to own one of these historic coins immediately. And he also realized that, with less than 17,000 available, the time to act was NOW.

Despite years of coin market experience behind him, it still required tremendous effort and lightning speed to locate and secure the lion's share of all the 2014 Silver Britannia Mules known to exist.

Now, Bill's efforts have created an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to secure an historic coin others will be forced to simply read about in years to come. But only if you ORDER NOW!

Certified Near-Perfect Condition!
Each of the coins reserved for this offer have been certified and graded by one of the world's leading third-party authentication services, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). NGC authenticated each coin and awarded them the near-perfect collector grade of Prooflike 69 (PL69)!

Don't delay! Once our supply of these historic error coins is exhausted, there is no guarantee that we will be able to secure any more in the future.

Year of Issue 2014
Country Great Britain
Composition Silver
Condition Graded, Uncirculated
Grade MS69
Currency Type Pound
Mint Name The Royal Mint
Coin Weight 31.1 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 38.6mm
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