2015 Alaska 1 Dollar 1-oz Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof

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Commemorating the Eskimo tribe of Alaska, the 2015 Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof Coin


The rich heritage of the United States would not be possible without the Native American tribes that populated North America and created an indelible mark on our history. Now a new series of silver dollars issued by the Native American Mint commemorates those majestic tribes, with each release featuring a state, a tribe associated with that state, and an animal considered part of the tribe’s history and culture. These coins, crafted to honor the sovereign status of Native American tribes, are intended to preserve and commemorate tribal history and their multi-layered culture. Also of note, these are the only American, non-US government coins available in the marketplace. These coins are minted for collectors and to help raise funds for Native American charities, while improving awareness of Native American sovereign profiles.


You can begin your collection of these intriguing coins with the Alaska 2015 Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof. "Eskimo" is a generalized name for the many peoples who make up Alaska’s natives, the ancestors of whom migrated to present-day Alaska and Canada thousands of years ago, in multiple waves. Throughout the Arctic and northern areas, the ancestors of this tribe established a complex culture centered around enduring the challenging climate and environment--perhaps best exemplified by their interaction with the polar bear. In the Inuit religion, the polar bear was revered as a powerful near-god, worshiped because this hunting tribe believed the polar bear could decide if hunters would be successful in their attempts to find food for their families.


Now you can see for yourself the resilience and ferocity of this northern tribe, captured in exceptional detail in the Alaska 2015 Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof. Contact GovMint.com to secure yours, today.


A relationship between man and animal intended to endure the harshest of conditions

The Eskimo tribe was intrinsically linked with the polar bear throughout the centuries, and the 2015 Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof coin conveys that relationship in timeless fashion. Your coin contains one ounce of 99.9% fine silver, and weighs 31.1 grams, stretching 39 mm in diameter.   

  • THE MAJESTY OF THE POLAR BEAR, THE INTENSITY OF THE ESKIMO -- In a struggle for survival, the Eskimo hunted the polar bear--but also revered the magnificent creature. Accordingly, the obverse of your 2015 Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof coin features three members of an Eskimo tribe, their faces surrounded by the thick fur required to survive in the harsh climate of Alaska. Stylized inscriptions on the obverse include "ESKIMO," "999 SILVER," "ONE OUNCE," "ONE DOLLAR," and the date "2015." The reverse features the incredible predator that shared territory with this tribe, walking with its cub in the harsh Arctic terrain. Inscriptions on the reverse include are the words "ALASKA POLAR BEAR,"  "JAMUL SOVEREIGN NATION," and "AMERICA."
  • HIGH-QUALITY, GEM PROOF CONDITION -- Each 2015 Silver Polar Bear Eskimo Proof coin is struck in Gem Proof condition, ensuring brilliant, mirrored fields and highly detailed raised devices.
  • COLLECTIBLE FOR THEIR SILVER CONTENT AND ARTISTIC VALUE, NOT AS LEGAL TENDER -- Though indigenous Native American tribes have tribal sovereignty in the United States, giving them the authority to govern themselves within US borders, the coins struck by the Native American Mint are not legal tender.  

Add this unique piece of Native American culture to your collection today by contacting GovMint.com.  

Year of Issue 2015
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Coin Weight 31.1 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 39mm
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