2015 Idaho 1 Dollar 1-oz Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof

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Honoring the Blackfoot Tribe of Idaho, the 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof Coin


The Native American Mint’s tribal nations coin series has been extremely popular since its launch in 2015, and that popularity continues with the fourth release of the series, the Idaho 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof coin. Each coin in the series features a state, a tribe associated with that state, as well as an animal considered part of the tribe’s history and culture. With proceeds of the coins going to support Native American charities, and the coins themselves serving to increase awareness of Native American history, the series has quickly become a collector favorite. In fact, these are the only American, non-US government coins available in the marketplace.   


The Idaho 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof coin honors the Blackfoot tribe whose territory extended throughout Western North America. Today’s remaining Blackfoot population numbers approximately 32,000 total members, spread primarily across the Northern US and western Canada. It also celebrates the humble and cautious porcupine, a symbol of self-preservation and luck.


Continue your Native American tribal peoples collection with the Idaho 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof coin, by contacting GovMint.com, today.


A tribe of historic hunters

The Blackfoot were known primarily as bison hunters, aggressively growing their territory and fighting to preserve their gains as long as possible in the face of Western expansion. Their trials are expressed beautifully in the imagery of the Idaho 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof coin, which weighs 31.1 grams, and is 39 mm in diameter.  

  • THE CAUTION OF THE PORCUPINE, THE FIERCE DETERMINATION OF THE BLACKFOOT -- Beyond their reputation as hunters, the Blackfoot were also fierce warriors. Fittingly, the obverse of your 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot Proof coin features the image of Bear Bull, a particularly feared and famed warrior from the Sisika nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Stylized inscriptions on the obverse include "BLACKFOOT," "999 SILVER," "ONE OUNCE," "ONE DOLLAR," and the date "2015." The reverse features a bristling porcupine, daring any to come near. It is surrounded by the words "IDAHO PORCUPINE," "JAMUL SOVEREIGN NATION," and "AMERICA."
  • OFFICIAL GEM PROOF CONDITION -- As graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), your Idaho 2015 Silver Porcupine Blackfoot coin will be delivered to you in Gem Proof condition, virtually flawless with only a few hairline scratches, a coin that has never been circulated.
  • ONE OUNCE OF 99.9% FINE SILVER -- These coins, struck by the Native American Mint, contain one ounce of 99.9% fine silver. However, since they are not produced by the federal government, they are not legal tender--their value is strictly in their silver content and collectability.   

Go west, collector, and get your Idaho Proof honoring the Blackfoot Native American tribe from GovMint.com. Call us today.  

Year of Issue 2015
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 31.1 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 39mm
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