2016 Palau 10 Dollar Silver Tiffany Art - Jain Antique

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Stunningly beautiful, eminently collectible: The Tiffany Art Jain Antique 2 Oz. Silver Coin

With its exquisite artistry and breathtaking detail, the Tiffany Art collection is considered one of the most successful modern coin series worldwide. It’s won five awards and has spawned numerous copycat mintings…but none can compare to the real thing. Once you hold the Palau 2016 $10 Silver Tiffany Art Jain Antique coin in your hand, you’ll quickly understand why.

Jain art is a style of religious art known for its amazing and elaborate structures carved in rock, and your Jain Antique coin displays this art to perfection.

Launched in 2004, Tiffany Art coins combine Tiffany glass art into exceptionally detailed coins through a highly technical manufacturing process. Because each glass insert is unique, each coin is unique. Adding to its exclusivity is the extremely low mintage of only 999 units and rabid international demand…so these coins will not last long. Contact GovMint.com today—before they’re gone forever.

Tiffany glass eternally encased in 99.9% Fine Silver!

Combining pure minting perfection and undeniable beauty, this $10 2-oz Silver Tiffany Art Jain Antique coin is a treasure by any standards. Weighing an impressive 62.2 grams, with a diameter of 50 mm, this coin is sure to become a cornerstone of your international silver collection.

  • BREATHTAKING ARCHITECTURAL BEAUTY-- The Tiffany Art series, an instant favorite since its launch in 2004, features artistic styles from all over the world and throughout multiple eras of design. The Palau 2016 Tiffany Art Jain Antique coin is perhaps the most beautiful coin yet of the series. On its reverse, captured in 99.9% fine silver is a famous dome shaped pavilion near Gadi Sagar Lake in India. Also on the reverse is a window filled with stunning blue Tiffany glass and the inscriptions "JAIN ART" and "TIFFANY ART 2016. " The obverse of the coin is equally gorgeous, featuring the interior of the Adeshwar Nath Temple, another window of blue glass, the shield-shaped coat of arms of the Republic of Palau and the denomination of 10 Dollars.
  • CERTIFIED IN ANTIQUE FINISH CONDITION-- Delivered directly to you from GovMint.com, your Tiffany Art Jain Antique coin will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity, packaged with a full color Tiffany Art box.
  • GENUINE LEGAL TENDER -- You’ll never want to spend this coin for its legal tender of $10 Palau, but you absolutely could! It is certified as legal tender for its denomination.

Intricate details, breathtaking Tiffany Art glass, and a subject of transcendental beauty make the 2016 Palau $10 2-oz Silver Tiffany Art Jain Antique coin a treasure you will show off proudly for generations to come. But with only 999 minted, they are already in scarce supply. Get yours today from GovMint.com!

Year of Issue 2016
Country Palau
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Antique
Denomination 10.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 62.2 Grams - g
Weight 2 Ounces - oz
Dimensions 50mm
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