2016 Panda 100 Gram Gold Panda NGC Gem Proof

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Making the best even more collectible – the 2016 Gold Panda Proof

It’s hard to beat the popularity of the panda, as evidenced by the worldwide celebration of the birth of Bei Bei the panda at the National Zoo in Washington DC, in August 2015. Chinese Gold Panda bullion coins have long benefited that popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after gold coins on the market since they were first issued in 1982 by the People’s Republic of China. Starting in 2016, these beautiful coins, minted in 99.99% pure gold, have a new look.

Traditionally, commemorative coins have included their metal content in troy ounces. However, the standard system of measurement used in the People’s Republic of China is metric, and now that system is reflected on its coins. You can see the results for yourself with the 2016 Panda Gold 100g Gem Proof coin, now available through GovMint.com.

A coin with a rich history and an even brighter future.

Though pandas have long played a critical role in Chinese culture, revered for representing peace and prosperity, they also have teetered on the brink of extinction due to hunting and the diminishment of their habitat. It’s thought that only 2000 pandas exist in the wild, and conservation efforts have been ongoing for years. Your 2016 Gold Panda Proof coin is also a rare find, containing fully 3.215 Troy Ounces (100g) of 99.99% pure old, and extending 55 mm in diameter.

  • A FRESH LOOK FOR A FAVORITE COIN-- With the change implemented in 2016, all Gold Panda Proofs produced by the China Mint will now feature metric measurements instead of standard troy ounces, in part to give the perennially popular coin a true international feel. The reverse of your 100 gram coin depicts an adult panda clinging to a fallen tree trunk above a small pool of water. Also on the reverse are the Chinese symbol for panda, as well as the coin’s face value of 1500 yuan, and "100g AU .999." The obverse of the coin displays a sweeping view of the Temple of Heaven, located in Beijing, as well as the date "2016."
  • GRADED AT THE TOP OF THEIR CLASS-- Given the enormous international demand for these coins, GovMint.com’s quantities are low--and highly exclusive. The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has graded this coin as Gem Proof grade, indicating these coins have been struck with highly polished dies, with an exceptional attention to detail and the highest levels of craftsmanship.
  • CERTIFIED LEGAL TENDER -- Beyond their exquisite design and international appeal, your Gold Panda proof coins is official legal tender of the People’s Republic of China, in the denomination of 1500 Yuan.

The world of gold proof coins is always evolving, and the popularity of the 2016 Gold Panda Proof coin, with its metric measurements inscribed on the coin, represents its truly international reach. Get yours now from GovMint.com, before our supplies run out!

Year of Issue 2016
Country China
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9990
Condition Gem Proof
Denomination 1500.00
Currency Type Yuan
Weight 3 Ounces - oz
Dimensions 55mm
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