2016 South Dakota 1 Dollar 1-oz Silver Buffalo Sioux Proof

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Honoring a Proud Heritage!

Dominating the Upper Midwest parts of the plains, and part of central Canada for centuries, the Sioux are among the most studied tribes in American schools to this day. Over 170,000 people claim Sioux heritage, while over 8,200 continue to live on Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the sixth largest reservation in the United States. The Sioux were fierce warriors and adhered to what is today known as “total war,” a concept that considers even non-combatants targets. So formidable were they that they waged what became known as the Sioux Wars against the United States for much of the 19th century. They continue to play roles in popular culture, and until recently the University of North Dakota called their athletic teams the Fighting Sioux. This coin honors the tribe’s rich heritage while offering collectors a unique piece that will stand out in any collection.

  • SIXTH ISSUE IN THE SERIES -- This coin was the first issue of 2016 and the sixth issue overall in the Native American Dollar Series.


  • PAYING HOMAGE TO WARRIORS -- The obverse bears a Sioux chieftain wearing a traditional headpiece that has a thick arrangement of feathers. It illustrates his power as leader of one of the fiercest fighting forces in the history of North America.


  • STUNNING 99.9% SILVER PROOF -- This coin has a proof finish and was struck from 1-oz of 99.9% fine silver at the Native American Mint.


  • THE “UN-DOLLAR” – Although Native American Dollars have $1 face values, they are not legal tender because they were issued by their respective tribes rather than the United States government.


  • FULFILLING A MISSION – Proceeds from the sales of Native American Dollars go to support awareness of Native American tribes.


Native Americans and buffalo are so distinctly American that James Earle Fraser decided to use those two images when he set out to design a coin that could be immediately recognized as American throughout the world – his famed Buffalo Nickel. In 2016, the Native American Mint issued a coin of its own with those two themes. Specifically, they chose a Sioux Chieftain to represent the famous tribe. This coin continues a unique series that is at once American and not American, as its face value is not actually recognized due to the unique circumstances surrounding the issue. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of Americana or have a particular interest in the Great Sioux Nation, add this coin to your collection while you still can!

Year of Issue 2016
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 31.10 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 39mm
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