2017 Canada 15 Dollar Silver The Great Horned Owl Proof

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Remarkable coloring and innovative technology brings the 2017 Great Horned Owl Proof coin to life

Another fantastic offering by the world-renowned Royal Canadian Mint, the 2017 $15 Silver Great Horned Owl Proof highlights some of the most sophisticated technology in numismatic coins today. Part of Canada’s Wildlife Species series, the coin has an innovative enamel effect which mimics color enamel with a rich, glossy look…but then transcends mere enamel to give the eyes of the featured animal an arresting, life-like appearance. And what better than a great horned owl to showcase the design’s other unique characteristic: glow-in-the-dark technology! You have only to hold the coin under a light source for 30-60 seconds, then view the coin with the lights shut off, to see this fantastic feature: the large eyes of the great horned owl glow…just as they would were you to encounter this impressive bird on a moonlit night.

A familiar resident in Canada’s vast woodlands, the great horned owl possesses enhanced night-time vision, which helps ensure it is a successful nocturnal hunter. And for sharp-eyed collectors, fans of Canadian wildlife, or collectors looking to introduce a new generation to the art of coin collecting, the 2017 Silver Great Horned Owl Proof is a fantastic find. It’s available now in limited quantities at GovMint.com.

The Great Horned Owl proof coin is the ultimate in eye-catching coin technology

The $15 Silver Great Horned Owl Proof combines breathtaking innovation with true artistry, creating a one of a kind coin for silver stackers and collectors alike. Minted in 99.99% fine silver, it weighs 23.17 grams, and has a diameter of 36 mm.

  • A COIN WORTH GIVING A HOOT ABOUT-- The Royal Canadian Mint launched its Wildlife Species series with this coin, and it’s easy to see why. As designed by Canadian artist Curtis Atwater, the unbreakable spirit of the great horned owl couldn’t be more obvious. The owl’s broad face completely fills the reverse with a complex engraving that adds striking texture and details, particularly in the bird’s finely-rendered plumage. But the real showstopper of the reverse is the eyes, where an enamel effect imbues the amber-colored irises with a stunning life-like appearance. Glow-in-the-dark technology adds a luminous intensity to the great horned owl’s steady gaze, brought into brilliant relief the moment the lights go down in the room. No inscriptions on the reverse take away from the coin’s stunning effect. The obverse of the coin features the 2003 Susanna Blunt depiction of Queen Elizabeth facing right, and also includes the inscriptions "ELIZABETH II," "DG REGINA," "CANADA," "15 DOLLARS" and the date "2017."
  • ONLY 6,500 MINTED-- As if the coins weren’t collectable enough based on the sheer beauty and innovation of their design, the Royal Canadian Mint produced only 6,500 pieces of this edition of the series. They’re already selling out quickly, with interest building worldwide.
  • AUTHENTIC, IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATION-- The 2017 Silver Great Horned Owl Proof will come to your door in proof condition, specially struck for maximum beauty. It will arrive complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, and packaged in a maroon clamshell, nestled within an elegant black box.
  • GENUINE LEGAL TENDER -- The Great Horned Owl will preside over any collection as a prime piece, but it’s also backed by Canada’s sovereign crown. Your Great Horned Owl Proof is certified as $15 Canadian legal ender!

With a mintage of 6,500 and the latest in numismatic minting technology, the 2017 Silver Great Horned Owl Proof coin is flying off the shelves. Get yours now from GovMint.com.

Year of Issue 2017
Country Canada
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9999
Condition Proof
Denomination 15.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Royal Canadian Mint
Coin Weight 23.17 Grams - g
Dimensions 36mm
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