2017 Canada 5 Dollar 1-oz Silver Voyageur 150th Special Edition BU

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Celebrating 150 years of unshakable spirit to explore the frontier: the 2017 $5 Silver Voyageur 150th Special Edition coin

In 1935, Canada’s first circulating silver dollar was minted to celebrate the Silver Jubilee celebrations for King George V. The design of that iconic coin featured a voyageur and native person, the two of them guiding a canoe across open water in tribute to the fur trade, the industry that founded the nation. The coin’s imagery, evoking the vast, untamed frontier, made it one of the most popular coin designs ever struck in Canada. The design, created by Canadian sculptor and artist Emanuel Hahn, continued to be used virtually unchanged on the Canadian silver dollar from 1935-1986.

Now, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada, comes a new coin that honors that iconic silver dollar. The 2017 $5 Silver Voyageur 150th Special Edition Brilliant Uncirculated coin reintroduces Hahn’s beloved imagery to a new generation, and to an international collecting community. You can get yours now at GovMint.com.

The image that captured the spirit of Canada

The $5 Silver Voyageur 150th Special Edition coin, in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, represents the original heart of Canadian tradition--the fur trade that helped the nation’s economy explode. Minted with one ounce of 99.99% fine silver, this coin is an impressive 38 mm in diameter, showcasing the stunning detail of its design.

  • HOLDING HISTORY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND-- In a nod to both the fur industry and the spirit of exploration that fueled the earliest years of Canada’s existence, the 2017 $5 Silver Voyageur coin’s imagery is immediately recognizable and filled with Canadian pride. The center of the coin's reverse, designed by Emmanuel Hahn, features a canoe moving swiftly past wind-swept pines that sway over a distinctively curved island. At the stern of the canoe is a voyageur, while a native Canadian paddles at the bow. A bundle of wrapped furs is visible between the two men, marked "HB" for Hudson’s Bay Company, and stylized vertical rays above their canoe represent the aurora borealis lighting up the sky. Also on the reverse is inscribed "CANADA 2017," "FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR," and "150 YEARS ANS," along with "9999" to depict the fineness of the coin’s silver content. The obverse of the coin is based on the 2003 Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right, and the bust of Elizabeth is surrounded by the inscriptions "ELIZABETH II," "DG REGINA, " and "5 DOLLARS."
  • HIGH SECURITY MINTAGE-- To protect the authenticity of the coins, precision cut radial lines are etched into the coin’s reverse and obverse in a design exclusive to the Royal Canadian Mint, and a visible micro-engraved security maple leaf featuring "17" in its center is also present on the reverse.
  • BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED CONDITION-- Your 2017 Silver Voyageur 150-th Special Edition coin will arrive direct from our door to yours in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, perfect for display. It is housed in a plastic vinyl flip, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • GENUINE LEGAL TENDER – Backed by the Sovereign crown, your coin is certified as $5 Canadian Legal Tender.

With a limited, high-security mintage and featuring the iconic artwork that graced Canadian Silver dollars for more than fifty years, the 2017 Silver Voyageur 150th Special Edition Brilliant Uncirculated coin is the perfect addition to your international collection. It today from GovMint.com.

Year of Issue 2017
Country Canada
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9999
Grade BU
Denomination 5.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Royal Canadian Mint
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 38mm
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