2017 Great Britain 5 Pound Silver 70th Wedding Anniversary Piedfort Proof

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Silver That Celebrates the First Platinum Royal Wedding Anniversary in British History!

"My husband has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim." - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1997

It was 1939 when, during a visit to the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, a young Princess Elizabeth caught the eye of handsome student Philip, the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. Smitten with each other from the very beginning, their love grew under the dark shadow of World War II. While Philip was at sea with the Royal Navy, their affection and yearning for each other gave them strength as Great Britain fought towards victory. Reunited with Elizabeth after the war, Philip soon became a British subject, took the last name of Mountbatten and deserted his royal titles -- all for the woman he would ask to marry.

After a short summer engagement, the two were wedded in Westminster Abbey on November 20th, 1947. 2,000 guests were present with 200 million more in attendance via worldwide radio broadcast. Just a little over four years later, the Princess became the Queen and Philip would leave the navy to be her loyal royal consort. 70 years since their wedding day, having visited more than 120 countries and serving as parents, grandparents and great-grandparents to a new royal generation, both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are still together in good health and devoted love. Now, you can bring home a celebration of this first platinum royal wedding anniversary in British history with a stunning silver piedfort proof from the Royal Mint!

  • A VISION OF LIFE AND LOVE . . .-- The acclaimed British sculptor Etienne Milner has brought his detailed and expressive style of figurative art to the first combined portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on an official Royal Mint coin in a decade. Its breathtaking design reflects decades of life, service and optimism for the future of England.
  • . . . PAIRED WITH THEIR LIFELONG PASSION!-- Look to the reverse of this piedfort proof to discover one of the two coin designs created by John Bergdahl for this unique platinum anniversary. Here, the young couple is dressed in royal regalia, wreathed by the dual dates of 1947 and 2017 in addition to the phrase "wedded love has joined them in happiness." Since both share a love of horses, it's only fitting that both are depicted in the midst of an equestrian ride!
  • PROOF-MINTED ON A DOUBLE-THICK PIEDFORT-- Starting in 12th century France, artisans would strike super-thick piedforts (pronounced pee-ay-fores) to distribute patterns and prove their talents to wealthy patrons. The Royal Mint continues this tradition by striking these anniversary proofs with double the thickness of similar coins. In addition, these piedforts are the product of hand-selected planchets, polished dies and multiple strikes, resulting in proof-minted .925 sterling silver masterpieces with frosted details and mirror-like fields!
  • GREAT BRITAIN LEGAL TENDER-- Each 2017 Silver Wedding Anniversary Piedfort Proof is five pounds sterling Great Britain legal tender, as struck into each coin's obverse along with its milestone dual portrait.
  • REMARKABLE ROYAL MINT PACKAGING!-- Your piedfort proof will come enclosed in a beautifully crafted Royal Mint case, accompanied by a numbered mint certificate of authenticity.
  • A LIMITED-EDITION EVENT! -- Only 4,500 of these piedfort proofs will be minted, and only 4,000 will come in this special Royal Mint packaging!

The reign of Queen Elizabeth II has experienced historic change, growth and progress -- not to mention unprecedented longevity! As each unique anniversary arrives, more and more people around the globe look to add official Royal Mint coins like these to their collections. For this first, and for many of our lifetimes, probably only British royal platinum wedding anniversary in history, we're expecting significant demand for these reverent commemoratives. Don't wait for another 70 years -- get your silver piedfort proof today!

Year of Issue 2017
Country Great Britain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9250
Condition Proof
Pedigree Anniversary
Denomination 5.00
Currency Type Pound
Mint Name The Royal Mint
Coin Weight 56.56 Grams - g
Dimensions 38.6mm
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